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Welcome to Asiana VA, we are an approved virtual airline aiming to bring the highest quality Korean hospitality to our pilots. It had started with @Jster82x and @Tsumia having the idea to create a supportive and professional community of pilots, with the goal of achieving the best possible quality for them. We have 4 subsidiaries incorporated into our VA, those being our main airline Asiana Airlines, Air Busan, Air Seoul, and Asiana Cargo, opening up opportunities for a more expansive route network for our pilots to explore and enjoy.

As mentioned before, we offer a vast route network to almost all corners of the world including codeshares, which offer the world’s most picturesque scenery and opportunities to fly to and discover places most never think to give attention.

One of our most important qualities is how we treat our pilots. We are ones to listen to our pilots, take feedback from them, and do everything we can to appeal to everyone fairly. Every pilot has a voice they can use.

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well! My name is Justin Duval and I am the CEO and co-founder of Asiana Virtual Airlines.

Here at Asiana Virtual Airlines an IFVARB approved airline, we assure quality is in place, and activity is present. Our goal is to connect South Korea with the world, and provide our pilots with a great experience. Feel free to check out our website or PM our staff if you have any questions! We are here to help!

“Always With You” OZVA Small Logo

Justin Duval (CEO)

Asiana VA is proud to sport some of the most devoted, hardworking and enthusiastic staff teams. Meet them below to see what they do. Also, do not be afraid to PM them if you have any questions to do with their positions:

CEO (OZVA001) - @Jster82x

My name is Justin Duval, and I am an aspiring Pilot who wishes to captain the A350 family one day. I founded Asiana VA alongside COO Dan, in an effort to create a community where everyone gives back to each other, in an amazing VA with a diverse fleet, and a great Geographical location in South Korea. Feel free to PM or Tag me on the Infinite Flight Community, our email, Instagram, our forum, or any other method if you have any questions!

COO (OZVA002) - @Tsumia

Hey everyone, I’m Dan, most of you know me as Tsumia here. I’m an aspiring pilot and currently aiming for that position. Here at Asiana VA, we are home to some of the most professional, mature, and knowledgeable pilots who love to get involved with activities. We are a wonderful staff team here in this VA who loves to get things done. As the COO, I’m happy to be in that position and get into the management side of things. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to PM any of us. Thanks!

Events Manager (OZVA004) - @Delta07

Hi, I’m Delta07. I am an aviation enthusiast from Mexico and I love Formula 1 and aviation. My favorite airlines are Aeromexico, Delta, and FedEx. I enjoy Infinite Flight and am happy to be the Events Manager for Asiana Virtual. If you have any questions about our events or the VA in general don’t hesitate to ask me.

Social Media Manager (OZVA006) - @Airborne_Canuck

Hey everyone, Airborne_Canuck is my user, I am the social media manager for Asiana Virtual Airlines. My job is to manage, post, and edit images of flights and post them on our Instagram @ifasianava. My Infinite flight user is IF Canuck, see you in the skies!

Head Trainer (OZVA007) - @Elefanths

Hey! I am Elefanths and am your head trainer. I have been playing infinite flight for 3 years now, but got pro for about 1 year ago. So now I thought it was a good time to become a staff in a VA. I was looking for a while, but I didn’t see any so I started making Asiana, but after a week or so one of the IFVARB leaders informed me (I have contact with him) that someone was making it. We have a nice and helpful staff team here at Asiana, so if you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to ask us. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Asiana!

For anyone interested in applying for any of our vacant positions, those being Head of Internal Affairs (OZVA003) and Routes Database Manager (OZVA004), don’t hesitate to PM either @Tsumia or @Jster82x.


Experienced and Active Pilot
Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
Previous VA Experience
Trust Level 2 on the IFC
Willing to be part of the VA in the long term

From the paradises of Phu Quoc to the hustle and bustle of New York, we are proud to serve some of the best, most interesting, and most scenic destinations across the world. Our destination map describes this perfectly:

For a more specific routes database, feel free to check it out here.

We at Asiana VA are proud to boast some of the most up-to-date and iconic fleets within Infinite Flight. From the regional workhorse being the A321 to the mighty Airbus A380, we are proud to sport a diverse fleet of many aircraft, suited to everyone’s taste:

Airbus A320 Family

The A320 family is one of the most popular narrowbody airliners in the market to date. It is a true workhorse for our short to medium-haul network and can be seen in many destinations across Asia sporting the beautiful Asiana livery. Air Busan and Air Seoul, our subsidiaries, are large operators of the aircraft type, too.

Airbus A330-300

Now, despite the fact that Infinite Flight has no Asiana Airlines livery for the A330, we still choose to incorporate this aircraft type into our fleet. Its versatility makes it very commonly used on flights towards the likes of Central and South Asia.


Airbus A350-900XWB

Arguably our flagship aircraft, the A350 is one of the most modern aircraft produced by Airbus and sets a high standard for detail with Infinite Flight’s fleet. Its unparalleled comfort to fly and versatility grants the aircraft its charm. All of this makes it one of the largest contenders for our long haul network.

Airbus A380-800

One of the most well-known and popular aircraft to date is one that cannot be ignored. The largest passenger aircraft in the world and the largest in our fleet serves routes of all lengths, and extreme high demand.

Boeing 747-400

The 747 family is one of the most well-known aircraft produced by Boeing, capable of serving short, medium, and long-haul routes. The Queen of the Skies revolutionized air travel connecting the world! The 747 flies to many year-round and seasonal destinations of heavy demand, including cargo operations!

Boeing 767-300

The 767 family is another versatile aircraft on the market produced by Boeing, capable of serving an incredibly diverse network of routes, from regional flights to medium-haul routes, this aircraft shows a good deal of importance to our fleet.


Boeing 777-200ER

The 777 family is a large contender to our route network serving short, medium, and long-haul routes. It also has some of the highest standards in Infinite Flight in terms of features, which include engine sounds, gear tilt, live cockpits, et cetera.

At Asiana VA, we believe that there is no fun in a lack of progression or incentive to fly. This is why we have introduced ranks into our VA which include extra benefits as you progress. We have listed them below for your understanding:

image - Cadet (0 Hours Flown) - All passenger flights with an average flight time of less than 3 hours available.

image - Second Officer (10 Hours Flown) - All passenger and cargo routes of less than 3 hours flight time available.

image - First Officer (35 Hours Flown) - All routes of less than 6 hours average flying time available.

image - Senior First Officer (80 Hours Flown) - All routes of less than 9 hours of flying time available, including a 1.5X multiplier on your flights in this rank.

image - Captain (180 Hours Flown) - All routes with a maximum flight time of 13 hours, including a 2X multiplier on your flights.

image - Senior Captain (380 Hours Flown) - All routes available, including a 2.5X multiplier on your flights.

Partnerships with other VAs are crucial for us, since it allows for better diversity within the VA and is an opportunity for more exploration around the world. Since Asiana has partnerships with these airlines in real life, we have decided to pick some of these airlines, and we are still looking to partner with more in the future.

See Our Partners Here

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So you have read through our thread and are now interested in joining? That’s great! Once you follow these requirements, you are eligible to join us as a pilot and begin your career!


At least 13 years of age
At least Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
Have an active and valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription
Able to log at least 1 flight per month
Able to pass the entrance exam with at least 80%, if not, or you have violations in the past month, we’ll issue a check ride with our Trainer.

Apply Now!

Asiana Logo

“Always With You”

We are not affiliated, endorsed by, or partnered with the real Asiana Airlines, and the Kumho Asiana Group altogether. All material belongs to their respective owners.


Happy flying! See you in the skies!


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