Asiana flying towards Christmas! @ KLAX - 241300ZDEC16

Server: Expert

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1300Z

Hey! Welcome to this Asiana Virtual monthly event!

We will be flying from Los Angeles to Palm Springs!
This sounds like a short flight but the flightplan will make it longer…
Cruise altitude will be FL190, speed 300 knots.

Make sure to bring an A321 to KLAX at TBIT at 1250Z for screenshots.

After screenshots we pushback at 1300Z
Then taxi to 25R for takeoff, make sure to leave some separation for the departure, landing will be impossible without this.
Landing will happen at runway 31L.
Then taxi to the gates for some more screenshots. We love screenshots don’t we?

Happy Landings from Asiana Virtual!


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