Asiana Flight 214 Full Crash and Rescue Video

Full footage from SFO tower was released this week. Its about to be 4 years since the crash happened and it also took about 3 to 4 minutes for for the first fire truck to respond and about 5 to 6 minutes for more rescue officials to show up.


That is absolutely horrifying. Thoughts to all those injured and killed. However, this video goes to show how safe these planes are built. The plane practically flipped over but only 3 lost their lives. It’s a shame accidents like this still happen.


That footage was vital in understanding what went wrong particularly as they didn’t know the plane flipped as it was unbelievable to think that could happen with a plane still intact.

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I heard many of the passengers are bringing their personal belongings. But I can’t judge them as I’m sure most of us might do the same if we are on their positions.

Ben Schlapigg (Lucky) also do a report of this new footage 😉

It happens an awful lot. People value their belongings more then their lives.

It is said that a girl survived the crash to later be run over by a fire truck. Rip


I think it’s easy to say that as you don’t feel it. But I’m sure most of us will do the same like them. Just say you bring your iPhones , iPads, Credit Cards, and other valuable items on your hand luggage when you take a flight. If your flight crashes, Would you dare to leave it behind? I know it sounds unsafe and no regulations allow that. But in reality, it’s pretty hard to do when you are in their position.


Ahh, horrible… RIP everyone in the crash 😔

Listen… your life is more valuable then this stuff

[quote=“SingaporeAirlines, post:8, topic:128188”]
iPhones , iPads, Credit Cards, and other valuable items[/quote]

Your not replaceable this stuff is. And I know I don’t wanna die over a $600 Ipad.


This is so terrifying it is unbelievable.

Dude, come on. That’s not cool.


At least I didn’t say it on national television 🤷🏻‍♂️


That is true but based off limited knowledge grabbed directly from unreliable media from center-left wing media. Not everyone was wearing their seatbelt at the time of the landing, thus they were thrown out of the plane when it landed. Quoted from the report on the crash: “Six occupants were ejected from the airplane during the impact sequence: two of the three fatally injured passengers and four of the seriously injured flight attendants. The four flight attendants were wearing their restraints but were ejected due to the destruction of the aft galley where they were seated. The two ejected passengers (one of whom was later rolled over by two firefighting vehicles) were not wearing their seatbelts and would likely have remained in the cabin and survived if they had been wearing them.”

I’ve been wanting to see this footage for a long time. I have seen the first minute of this angle but not 45 minutes. I can’t imagine what United 885 saw while holding short at Runway 28L while Asian 214 crashed right infront of them. They were lucky the plane didn’t flip on them. It’s amazing that only three people died (66% of them did not have seatbelts) and just goes to show how incredibly safe flying is.

I wonder what the planes such Horizon 635 and Skywest 5452 had to say to their passengers when they were told to go around, did they say “ladies and gentlemen we are going around due to the plane infront of us smashing into the runway and being destroyed”

Thanks for sharing this video


I remember watching this on TV Jesus it’s been so long

I heard she was running away from the plane when she got hit.

Sad a little girl got ran over by a fire truck after she survived the crash.


Holy f*k, that’s funny. 😂
That was one of the pilots names, at least claimed. Later on they claimed that there names weren’t that.

Read my post above, it’s her fault she didn’t have her seatbelt on

The issue with seat belts and people taking belongings can also be attributed to the fact they dont watch the safety video and I have also noticed that Asian passengers seem to not care much about safety and don’t listen, just my take on things please don’t get offended it’s just in a lot of incidents the same issue crops up.


I agree with you but some people disagree sadly

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