Asiana event-Goodbye Easyjet Virtual @ EGLL - 201600ZNOV16

This event is to say goodbye to Easyjet IFVA. It was an amazing Airline!

Server: Training Server

Region: London

Airport: EGLL-London Heathrow

Time: 1600Z

Date: November 20th, 2016

NOTAM: Come with any easyjet plane you want. You must have a Easyjet Callsign. Follow the Callsign Easy 1 (me)

Easy 2: @Matt_Elphick
Easy 20: @Jet_Airways_995
Easy 30: @Finn
Easy 40: @Liam_Purcell_Media
Easy 50: @Joshua_Fleming
Easy 60:
Easy 70:
Easy 80:
Easy 90:

(x) 101: @AsianaIFVA
(x) 102: @Jet_Airways_995
(x) 103: @Finn
(x) 104: @Liam_Purcell_Media
(x) 105: @Joshua_Fleming
(x) 106:
(x) 107:
(x) 108: @Matt_Elphick (Not Sure)

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I am happy to participate. Request an easyjet callsign.

You can take Easy 20

Noted, Thank you. Are there any gates alloted?

I’ll Pick a gate for you now. Wait some seconds

Take one @Jet_Airways_995

I will pick gate (X) 102

Why is it shutting down?

Maybe this will answer your Question:

Thank you for this event @AsianaIFVA. Please reserve a temporary gate for me not 100% sure if I can come. Will let you know when I know if I can come though.

Could I use for the final time my EasyJet VA callsign Easy2?

Yes, regulars can use custom ones

Easy 1 will be flying for the last time

It said it could be just a temporary closure?

It has changed to full now I am sory

Could I pls have a callsign I was at EasyJet so I’d happily come

I was at EasyJet please can u asign me a gate

Could I use my EasyJet callsign EASY008 one last time

Nope. You can’t. Only regulars can

Yes. You Can @Finn