Asiana Challenge-The landing expert

Hello guys
I’m now launching the Landing Expert Challenge. What do you have to do? Land a Cessna 208 at CD17 RWY 8 (Denver) You have got a 2,000ft+ runway so there is no problem stopping. Just the approach is a bit hard. You must have load in your status bar and the picture you show must show the full runway length. Like:

How we calculate results
(Load % X 1000) - (% progress through the runway X 10)
To see the scores, visit the Scores database:

The top 3 can join with Asiana Special Access


I wish I had Denver. :(

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Well that’s a shame. Because you land pretty good. Saw a few landings of yours in Live (long ago) and ot was so great.


Usually with a landing, if you have enough space you use it. You don’t want to try and stop as quick as you can and make all your passengers pile to the front.

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LoL Giacomo! Well played!

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Erm… what?

Funniest sentence 2016


No, not really… :/


Well, to my opinion, it is

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That’s what happens if you brake hard.

You will stop sooner

Erhm what?..

Land a C208 plane at CD17

You might as well take advantage of as much runway as possible. :)

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Get minimum landing distance on the CD17 Runway 08 approach. Simple

I’ll participate because why not but stopping as fast as you can with max load doesn’t make you a landing expert

Exactly. Here is someone who gets the point of the challenge.

When I get home I’ll give it a go I’ll make sure to bookmark this and come back to it

Ok then. Good

about to do it what does the load have to be again