Asiana Challenge-Jet racing

Welcome everyone to the Asiana Jet Racing challenge
For this challenge, you should reach the fastest speed you can without leaving the ground. Your plane should be a civilian plane and should exceed 225KN to be counted in the challenge. You can use anything for your advantage. The winner gets both the premium joining card and the event organization card. Read more about our virtual cards at

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When and how to take part?

Is this an event? and the link takes us to a quiz not about reading more about virtual cards

Just post the photo of your landing. I known it does bring you to quizes but cards is part of the explanation of the quizes

@AsianaIFVA Is the speed airspeed or groundspeed? Also are we allowed to use wind to help?

Ground speed. And you can use anything to help you, including wind, weight temperature

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Ok I got this

This is from a long time ago, I’ll try to do it for real tonight.

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