Asiana Challenge - Asilider challenge (Closed)

Hello everyone.
Today, Asiana is launching a new challenge. The Asilider (Created from the words “Asiana” and “Glider”) challenge is to glide your aircraft as much as you can before stalling, crashing and … You get extra points from landing at an airport, a highway landing or a successful ditch. The aircraft you choose must be an A321.

-Your load should not be less than 25%
-You should start gliding at 10,000FT not less or more
-Your Maneuvers should not be out of the aircraft’s limits
-You can’t exceed 350KN while gaining speed before you start gliding
-The posted picture should include the aircraft’s load, speed, Dist to Dest and VS in the status bar
-The posted picture should be an exterior view of the aircraft
-Names Over Airports MUST be turned off
-If you are making a Landing/Highway Landing/Ditch, your status bar must show the VS too

Points calculating formulas:
Not Landed:
Gliding Distance X 100
Landed at airport/Highway Landing/Ditch
((Gliding Distance X 100)+50)-1/4th of Vertical Speed

To calculate glide distance, set your destination to the waypoint/airport that is nearest to you when you start gliding.

Scores Database

Winner can join Asiana with special Access (Allowed to access Grade 4 & 5 things without any requirements)

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So if I perform a hard landing I might receive less points than trashing houses. Wow


It is not necessary to land you know

Any specific locations to start at?

No, Any airport is counted

What if it’s 10,001 feet =)

Unless if my landing is less than -50 vs then it’s more worth crashing into houses

Look, only 1/4th if your your VS is counted

from 10,000 to 10,999ft are counted as 10K in this challenge

Mine at Newark Liberty

Tailstrike… ;)

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Yeah. But I landed and that is the main thing right
Also, I got 3468 points

Maybe want to give a go maybe?

Nah, I prefer flying normally. Maybe if I’m very bored sometime.


I’ll try and give it a go this weekend :) But how will you know if the land is a highway? I’m pretty sure the terrain is just repeated with the same buildings, roads, etc.

It’s not. Just spot one of them and land.


Successful landing at WSSS RWY02L

How much gliding distance?

You know @sniperguy135, Without distance, Dist is counted from 1 that means you get 100 points ONLY.

Distance from which i started gliding?

And 100 points for the entire thing?