Asiana Airlines Star Alliance Boeing B777-200ER

The Asian B777-200 Star Alliance livery represents a special partnership between various Asian airlines that are part of the Star Alliance network. This livery showcases the cooperation and unity among these airlines within the alliance.

Here are some details about why this livery could be relevant in a flight simulation game like Infinite Flight:
Representation of Star Alliance Partnership: The Star Alliance is one of the largest global airline alliances, comprising numerous airlines from around the world. Including liveries that represent this alliance adds realism and diversity to the game’s aircraft selection.
Route Network: Airlines operating under the Star Alliance umbrella offer a vast route network spanning various continents. Including this livery could open up opportunities for players to simulate flights on routes operated by Star Alliance members.
Hub Operations: Star Alliance members often have major hubs at key airports around the world. Including the “Asian B777-200 Star Alliance” livery could allow players to simulate flights to and from these hubs, such as Singapore Changi Airport (hub for Singapore Airlines) or Incheon International Airport (hub for Asiana Airlines).
Operational History: While specifics may vary, several Asian airlines operating Boeing 777-200 aircraft have at times operated under the Star Alliance livery. Asiana Airlines, for example, has operated Boeing 777-200 aircraft with Star Alliance liveries in the past, showcasing their participation in the alliance.
Community Interest: Many flight simulation enthusiasts enjoy replicating real-world airline operations and liveries. The inclusion of special liveries like the “Asian B777-200 Star Alliance” could cater to the interests of players who enjoy flying with realistic liveries and want to experience the unique identity of Star Alliance member airlines.

Registration: HL7732
In summary, the “Asian B777-200 Star Alliance” livery represents a significant aspect of global aviation partnerships and could enhance the realism and diversity of aircraft liveries available in a flight simulation game like Infinite Flight.

Special liveries aren’t accepted anymore,no?

Read this.

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Got it! 👍🏼

I’d love to see that livery added! I think Korean airlines are a little underrepresented in IF!