Asiana Airlines New Website - Now ready!

I am glad to announce Asiana airline’s new website is now operating. This new website is designed to be more realistic and user-freindly.

Link to website:


not bad ;)

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Sorry. This is the best I can get from Webs. I cannot use Wix or Weebly because in the I.R.I, they are filtered.

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  • The website says “Asiana Virtual is by far the best virtual airline operating on the infinite flight platform”. Tell me three convincing arguments supporting this hypothesis.
  • It also says “With a wide fleet and so many routes, our pilots have a lot of freedom”. Where are your routes? I can’t see them on the website
  • Why is the Gallery (without pictures) in the “Partnerships”- section?
  • Why do you publish an un-finished website? Put some work into it, make it interesting, appealing, welcoming, informative.

2/10 from me.


The changes didn’t save for some reason. I’ll re do it.


Hello everyone
Some people reported the Routes where not told in the website. I am sorry for the inconvenience and the cause is told to be a connection error. I must say that the website is now fixed. Hopefully everyone will enjoy.
Asiana Virtual Airlines

They’re still no routes, but okay. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, because of the new fleet, some routes have been added and the operating aircraft of some routes have been changed. And sorry, webs needs me to pay if I want to make more than 5 pages so I needed to mix the pages to be able to keep the website free because I can’t pay.

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