Asiana Airlines | ICN-JFK | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
I technically did this flight last night but I wanted to wait a day to post photos because I had already posted in this category yesterday. I have had some trouble making my peace with the A350 but I have seemed to be better about it after this flights. Let’s take a look.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Asiana 222 heavy
Let’s jump right in!
Loading up at the gate

And just like that, I am already taxiing to the runway

Blasting departure out of Seoul

Wing view of the city

Flying over part of the ocean

Flying over japan

Flying over Alaska

Final 4R

Safe landing at JFK

I hope y’all enjoyed!



I actually saw your departure on this flight, right after I parked up at RKSI Terminal 2 at the end of a flight from RJFF/Fukuoka in a Korean Air B739.


@jghastings sweet! I love how the A350 feels on takeoff, it’s less sensitive so it feels heavier, and it doesn’t drift as much in the wind during rotation


Last time I flew an Asiana A350 the cargo door button wouldn’t work so it was stuck open 😂

Looks like it was a good flight.


Nice pictures!

The A350 is easier to land for me… it’s overall a great plane, although I feel that the 787 in IF needs work


Looks like it was a Nice One. Unfortunately my A350 flight did not go as smoothly as IF crashed 1 Hour from Manila :(


Nice pics. Cool aircraft, cool route! I’ll (along with many other customer) will be extremely happy when the crashing hotfix comes out…

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