Asiana Airlines from Charles De Gaulle int. to Incheon int

Hey all, recently I flew LFPG - RKSI as a part of Asiana virtual. I managed to get some neat shots and I wanted to share them!

I flew the A350-900 from Charles De Gaulle to Incheon (LFPG - RKSI).

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An idle A350 engine basking in the warm sunset
Pulling out onto runway 08L

Rising up above the airport

Moonshot time!
early morning sun seen from the dashboard of the A350 rise and shine! landed, safe and sound!


I hope you enjoyed my photos and thank you for taking the time to view them! If you’d like to see more, go follow our Instagram! Asiana Virtual Airlines on Instagram: "Asiana Airways flight 502 LFPG - RKSI in the A350-900! - - 🎮: Infinite Flight - - ✈️: A350-900 - - 📍: LFPG - RKSI - - 📷: Snapseed + PicsArt - - #infiniteflight #infiniteflightpro #infiniteflightlive #infiniteflightsimulator #infiniteflightshots #flightsimulator #Asiana #A350 #a350lovers #charlesdegaulle #Incheon #Seoul #paris #sunset #sunrise #moonshots #edits #photoshop #simulator #planespotter #airplane"
(run by me)


Ok this looks so real its actually great

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So crisp & clear photo, wow!!

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@Suhas, @NoahM, @Infinite_Qantas, & @Anshul28, y’all got competition here ^

Just joking, I like the 2nd & 3rd pictures most, so smooth…


Looks great! Some of your best shots in my opinion

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What photo editing software did you use? Also amazing pictures! @Airborne_Canuck

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@Airborne_Canuck great pictures :)

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I used a mix of the Snapseed photo editor and PicsArt.

Both are on the apple store for free, not sure about google play. :)

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Thank you, glad to be back! :)

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I did say these would be my best, didn’t I? 👀

this looks so cool

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Glad you like it! Thanks for dropping in!