Asiana Airlines Banned From Flying To San Francisco For 45 Days

  • The South Korea Supreme Court will prohibit Asiana’s Seoul Incheon to San Francisco route for 45 days.
  • This ban will go into effect in before the end of February 2020.
  • This suspension of the route follows the Asian Airlines #214 crash in 2013.
  • The Supreme Court says insufficient staff training was the main cause of the crash.
  • Asian Airlines expects 11 billion won ($9.3 million) in lost sales.
  • The airline announced it was financially struggling in April 2019, and has since then removed First Class, ended routes to Chicago, Delhi, and other cities, and the parent company will sell Asiana Airlines.
  • To make up for the lost capacity, the South Korea’s transport ministry plans to request other airlines on the route to use larger aircraft.

Really not good for the struggling airline. There are currently 5 daily flights between Incheon and SFO (2x United, 2x Korean Air, 1x Asiana). However, United does codeshare with the airline so it’s likely Asiana will be able to transfer passengers to United’s flight.


It seems this is 6 years too late…


Oh no!

I’ll miss seeing their A350s for a couple weeks :/

Asiana 214 was tragic, and I remember it exactly that summer and everything that happened, but I didn’t think it’d come to banning the airline from flying to San Francisco for a while.

I’m sure Korean Air and United are happy though, as they’ll have probably make some more money off of passengers needing to fly between Seoul and San Francisco but can’t fly OZ. United flies a 789 and a 772, and Korean Air flies 2 777s so there aren’t any shortages of seats every day.


I missed this line in the article. Looks like they’re going to want Korean/United to use larger aircraft to cover the lost seats:

South Korea’s transport ministry plans to request other airlines to use bigger aircraft for their San Francisco route during the suspension of Asiana flights, a ministry official said, requesting anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to media.

I feel bad for Asiana Airlines but safety first and I would not want a repeat of Asiana airlines 214 again

How does banning an airline from an airport for something that happened 6 years ago do anything to improve safety?

I don’t like SFO, but why is Asiana banned from flying to it…it doesn’t make sense to me

OZ214 was definitely tragic, but banning the airline from an airport after it has operated at the airport for another 6 years without any accidents is weird and doesn’t make sense


This is a little strange IMO. IK that SFO was the route on which the tragedy occurred but flights there aren’t at any more risk than anywhere else

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image Image result for too late meme

Uhh. SFO? I think you got the dates wrong… Lol

Suspension will run from March 3 to April 16.

Well, that kind of surprised me there…

45 years sounds better

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