Asian Virtual Airline Summit Timelapse @ WSSS

Asian Virtual Airline Summit Timelapse

Recently, Asian VA members from 11 different VAs got to participate in the first ever Asian VA Summit which took place at Singapore Changi Airport.

It took an hour and a half to get over 70 patient pilots up in the air. @MarkONE, who kindly offered to provide ATC during the event, did a great job in controlling!

I managed to record a 4 minute timelapse of the event which I’ve linked below. Try spotting yourself! :)



Tune in to watch a short time-lapse of how all 70 aircraft managed to get into the air swiftly.

Video filmed & edited by: @TheAviationGallery
Controller: @MarkONE

Thanks for watching!


Thank you @TheAviationGallery @AndrewWu and all the other Asian VA CEOs for this amazing event! Also thank you to @MarkONE! Wonderful event, Wonderful ATC controlling! I hope and am looking forward to more events like this in the future!


Even though I ended up not attending, this was amazing! Thank you for everyone involved who gave input on how to plan it out, the amazing pilots who made it possible, and especially to @MarkONE for controlling this entire event alone.


Indeed! I enjoyed the timelapse myself too :)

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Wow great event! A European one needs to be held for BAVA, AFKLM, and AZVA.


Well, you guys have your Core-6 events which has much more participants 🙃


Oh true I forgot about those I recently did one for BAVA/AAVA. Anyways it’s nice to see more people occupying the GIGANTIC airport that is Singapore Changi


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World Virtual Airlines event?

Not all, just asian VAs.

No but like organise one

Nice one @TheAviationGallery!