Asian Adventure

Hello IFC! Yesterday I did a
codeshare route for @AmericanVirtual and it was a really unique and cool route. I got
some cool pictures to share with y’all, enjoy!

Airline/Aircraft: Japan Airlines A350
Flight time: 8hrs 43mins
Server: Expert

After a smooth takeoff we begin our flight towards Jakarta as we fly over the Philippines

Crusin over Borneo, Indonesia

After many long hours in the dark we begin to see the sun peek over the Indian Ocean

Starting our decent into Jakarta

Making the final turn to intercept the ILS for
runway 25L

Droppin the gear down

Beautiful blue skies upon landing!

Super buttery landing at Soekarno-Hatta International

Parked at the gate with a fellow AAVA member @NoahM

And a little bonus clip of my landing!

  1. Nice photos

  2. Everybody, watch the video, it was some serious butter

Hey look it’s me


Thank you! I think that was my best landing yet 😂

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Not dissapointed in the landing, nice one.
Great photos. 👍 keep it up.
Maybe you’ll be as good as @NoahM

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Thanks! Also, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be an insult or not 😂

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The A350 looks amazing, especially in that livery with those pictures! Just wondering, how did it take you nearly 9 hours to fly the route?

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Depends on how you see it :)
Maybe try editing the next time

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Cool! Such a simple yet nice livery… love those last few shots especially with the gear coming down.

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Thanks! It was supposed to take around 8hrs, but I kinda overshot the airport by 30 minutes because I wasn’t home on time to land😂

Yea it really is a clean livery! Thanks!


Umm what? I did edit the photos lol.

Nice Landing!

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That landing…😍😍😍

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lovely photos! and talk about butter.

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Straight butter 😩

Thank you!