Asia Pacific Airlines/Cargo 757-200

Asia Pacific Airlines Boeing 757-200(PCF) N688SL - a photo on ...

ASIA PACIFIC AIRLINES 757-200 (new livery)

I personally love the colors of this livery and hope that it could possibly be included in a future update of Infinite Flight. The livery is so simple and clean.

Asia Pacific Airlines serves many different destinations as a cargo airline. They are most commonly found at PGUM, as this is the main base for the airline. The business currently has three 757-200s in its fleet.

The airline operates mainly as a way to transport mail and seafood products between its hubs and Micronesia.

Any thoughts on this livery?

I always see these on FR24! I love my random pacific island routes, and I love the 757.
You have my vote


Thank you @NoahM! I love flying these little island routes as well.

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Bumping this up! Who wouldn’t love to fly some inter island routes 👀


Just announced a rework! Let’s get this baby added!

Cant wait to do pacific island hopping this thing

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We are 997 votes away from 1000 👀 🎉

But for real though, we need this livery.


Now that is some dedication

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I like this livery i allways see this jets in KLAX on planespotting livestreams on YouTube Channel: AIRLINE VIDEOS