Ashton_Earhart's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

                     Ashton Earhart's ATC Operations Tracking Thread

                                   Status: [**CLOSED**]
  • This Thread Will Be Updated When Tower Is Opened And Closed, Aswell This Will Be Updated If Airport Is Changed. Aiming For Absolute Realism. Have Had Quite A Few Operations In The Past. If I Make Any Mistakes During An Operation Please Feel Free To Correct Me Here On This Thread As I Am Re-Learning Everything And Have Been Away From Infinite Flight For 2 Years. Love Feedback.

  • Times Of Operations Will Not Be Consistent As IRL Schedule Can Change On The Day.

                    **Current Airport**: Fresno Yosemite (KFAT)
  • Tower And Ground ATC.
    Server: Training Server

                                  Operation Counter: [9]

Hope To See Lots Of People During This Threads Life! If You Like The Operations I Carry Out Feel Free To Bookmark This Thread!

Side Note: This Thread Was Created With The Use Of Sashaz55’s Guide. Kudos To Them!


Hey there!

I was flying as C-FIRE in your pattern today. Please expect feedback in a little while as something just came up. Nice work today! :)

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Thankyou! Had A Great Time Running Those Patterns!

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Feedback ~ C-FIRE

  • You started out strong with excellent ground control and handling. No issues with my pushback, taxi, or runway crossings. Great Job!

  • [05:58:59] - Good decision to have me hold short of runway 09. The aircraft on final was 3NM from touch-down which would have made it extremely tight for a departure.

  • [06:01:51] - At this point, you cleared me for the option (C-FIRE, number 1, Runway 09, Cleared for the option) which was all you needed to do as I was the only aircraft in the pattern at this time.

  • [06:02:56] - The command (C-FIRE, number 1, Runway 09, Cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic) was unnecessary here as I had already been cleared for the option with my previous command. Also, I’m not sure why you added the “After the option, make left traffic” to this command. Since I was already in a left hand pattern for runway 09, this part of the command is not required.

  • [06:04:36] - Again, I don’t know why I received a third clearance to land in the same pattern. The command (C-FIRE, number 1, Runway 09, Cleared to land) was unnecessary.

  • [06:07:09] - Everything you did here would have been correct if I was the only aircraft in the pattern. Unfortunately, I was not the only one in the pattern. What you needed to issue me here was a sequencing behind G-THNN.
Typical Pattern Commands - Sequence & Clearance

If only ONE aircraft is in the pattern:

  • Clearance Command - C-FIRE, number 1, Runway 09, Cleared for the option

If there are TWO or MORE aircraft are in the pattern:

  • Sequence Command - C-FIRE, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind
  • Clearance Command - C-FIRE, number 2, Runway 09, Cleared for the option

After issuing the clearance, it is unnecessary to issue anymore commands to the pilot in the pattern.

  • [06:08:18] - Unnecessary landing clearance here once again. A pilot only needs to be cleared once. There is no need to create extra work for yourself by issuing the pilot several clearances.

  • [06:11:00] - Perfect speed for the runway exit command! Great job!

Overall, that was a beneficial session for you to learn how to sequence. With two aircraft in the pattern, try and practice using the Typical Pattern Commands drop down list provided to issue sequences & clearances to the aircraft in your pattern. You have the fundamentals down for controlling. All you need now is practice!

I have provided you with the timestamps for the replay file incase you want to look over the session and correlate it with my feedback. Furthermore, I highly recommend you to check the Infinite Flight ATC Manual for help with sequencing. If you have any questions at all, my DMs are always open and I’m happy to help!



Thankyou Fire, Much appreciated on the feedback. Each operation will get better day by day! Hope to see you around on another op! <3


Anytime Ashton! I’m sure that I’ll see you in another session as I love staying in the loop with recruit training. Looking forward to welcoming you aboard to IFATC one day in the near future!


Currently not in training, just have this thread for fun at the moment, ill be getting into that once i feel ready to. Sharpening the brain before taking that head on. Will for sure be in the near future for IFATC training, hence why im taking all the feedback i can get!


Awesome! I’m happy to hear you’re interested in joining IFATC. The training staff here on IF are amazing and I’m sure once you make your decision to join, they’ll be happy to iron out anything this tracking tread hasn’t taught you.


Open At WMBT, Please Read First Post For Updated Information!


Won’t be doing ATC tonight! Would like to get a long flight going tonight! Will return to ATC tomorrow night!


Good evening everyone. ATC will be postponed for this evening as my area has lost power and phone is on low percentage.

What a wonderful evening haha, just bought myself a new tablet today. Can’t use it on my data yet. So gotta wait till my power is back to connect.

Sorry for the inconveniences! If you see my active later on feel free to join. Will be at KFAT, just won’t open the thread under a promise tower time.

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Currently Open At KFAT, No Oversized Aircraft Today, Runway 11R & 11L Takeoff And Landing, Pattern Work Is Accepted.

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Open at KSAN, Using My New S7 Tablet Today! Feel free to come on by!


Hello, please tag me the next time you open

Not a problem! Will do

Now closed!

I’d love to help aswell, you mind if you tag me when you open again?

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Hello peeps, at this current time I’ve got some things going on IRL , all is okay. Just need to take a step back before continuing training for IFATC just so I don’t overload myself. Will return soon!

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Open at TNCM!


Very good session overall!

My only feedback:

I wouldn’t give “i’ll call your base” to OK-LOL (and 360 of course)
1- I think they had enough separation for me to be able to exit the runway completely.
2- It’s the pilot’s responsability to ensure separation when flying a pattern, OK-LOL knows that I’m full stop and they should also be aware of the airport layout, so they should know that it may take a bit longer for me to exit the runway. Thus, it’s their responsability to ensure separation. One of the things that I learned when training for IFATC is not to over control.

Now imagine if there was another aircraft sequenced behind OK-LOL, then it would probably be a huge mess for them.

So I would wait, let things develop, and if the spacing is not enough then a go-around is not a big deal.

Excellent session otherwise!!!

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