Ash_Rand's Photo Compilation V2 | Photoshop Edition!

Welcome to: Ash_Rand's Photo Compilation V2 | Photoshop Edition!

Here are some of my photoshops from recent months flying in @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE. Hope you like them!

Photo 1:

A formation of C130’s from 37 Medium Tactical Airlift Squadron flyover ANZAC Parade in Canberra in commemeration of ANZAC day.

Photo 2:

This is another shot taken from Mt Ainsle looking down on the flyover of ANZAC Parade.

Photo 3:

This is a shot of 2 C130’s practising for the ANZAC Day Flyover by doing formations over Sydney Harbour and breaking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

That's it for now!

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Awesome! They almost look real, great job! 👍🏻😃😄


Thanks Mate, Really Appreciate it!

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I thought this were real photos, good job! 😂👏


Cheers mate!

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