Ash_Rand's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A | Passed Practical

Do you want to back taxi to the end of 22L?

I was debating but I didn’t know if there was a request back track button and I had to get going 😅 should’ve checked here. Thanks again!

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Hi Ash!

I’m:NR801SW, Here is my feedback:

  • Transition Altitude : Slightly too high here. Airport Alt = 218ft. Jet pattern alt = 1500ft AGL.You issued me 3000ft is fine, But @KC3DLL 4000ft is too high, You can give me 2500ft and for @KC3DLL 3500ft is perfect.

  • Go Around :You really need to watch your go arounds. These can fail you in the test. If you EVER see two aircraft getting close on final, then just send the back one around. Remember, if it looks like the front aircraft won’t have his wheels off the ground by the time the aircraft crosses the threshold, then you have a problem and the back aircraft needs to go around. Ideally you should issue a go around no lower than ideally 300-400ft AGL.

When I tried to land on the wrong runway (For test purpose, of course), you didn’t found out and called me to go around.

  • Crosswind or Downwind?: You can give aircrafts sequencing instruction or clearance as soon they turn to the Crosswind, Remember always, Don’t keep the secrets to the Aircraft’s,

  • Ground Control: When I requested Taxi you send me to pushback. You really need to keep mind for the parking zone.

Everything else was fine! Keep Up the great work, I’m sure you can pass:) Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any question! Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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Actually, I believe @Ash_Rand was correct. You should add 2500 to airport elevation and then round up to the nearest 500ft. He gave you 3000, which was good because 2500 would have meant that you would only have 800 ft separation with the jets in the pattern.

Based on the above explanation, giving KC3DLL 4000 was good, as that would have given him 1000 ft of vertical separation with the aircraft at 3000 (you).

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  • There is much debate about this topic. But it was not too high as it’s within Towers airspace. Airport alt is 250ft I’m pretty sure; so I rounded up hence my transition alt was what it was.
  • I was watching this one with a close eye… If he didn’t drag his aircraft along the ground we would’ve been fine but he did and you called the go around first so 🤷‍♂️ what can I do.
  • Lack of concentration on my part. Sorry.
  • I had an issue last time with sequences/clearances being too early and I wasn’t slowing myself down and seeing what’s going on so I felt I wanted to give myself some time this time and see how it went.
  • You had the ability to push… But your right I should’ve clrd you to taxi

Sorry for the late response and thanks for coming around.



I’ve addressed this several times in multiple threads. Make sure you’re reading.


Besides the go around It was good from my point of view:)

went slow to force the go around lol


@Ash_Rand u cant complain that he dragged on the RW. If u hve seen tests the testers do that too to force a go around. U cant give the excuse to the tester buddy. Always be cautious than sorry 😀

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Wasn’t complaining at all, merely making a statement. I understand, they have thrown those at me in training…

U still open?

Nope, but I may open in 20 mins or so

Open at KSSC

I’m open at KSSC! Please come down as it’s very benificial.



Hey buddy!
Good to see you controlling. I have some concerns with your controlling.

  • Here u didnt clear me to land even after u gave me the pattern entry. No sequence no landing clearance

  • In this situation u could have either told me to turn base or told the poor turboprop behind me to land before me by sequencing him as number 1 and me as 2. This shows that you were not aware of the aircrafts in your airspace. Keep track of all the aircrafts let it be 1 or 10.

  • Lastly for the last landing i was on base for 22R and u told me to enter straight in? Weird. But this can be a small mistake compared to your other mistakes listed above.

To conclude, except for the mistakes i listed above you were really good and i wish you all the best and suggest you to practice a lot.
See you in the Tower! 😀

Thanks for coming!

Complete lapse of concentration on my behalf. I guess because I clrd you for 22R I must’ve saw the green runway number on your tag and not have read the runway number…

I have done that in the past and apparently it’s over-controlling so that’s definitely off the books.

I was tempted to do this but I can’t remember why I didn’t…

You were halfway between base and turning to final, figured it would be easier telling you to enter straight in 🤷‍♂️

Overall I have no idea what’s going on in terms of my controlling skill, I’m getting worse. I guess it all boils down to distraction/lack of concentration.

Nope its not over controlling i was criticised upon this in my practical test too so it isn’t over controlling. But even if u decided it was infact over controlling u should have told the turboprop to turn base and clear it for number 1. Anyways dont get discouraged. Even if u fail ur practical (which u wont) u shouldnt lose ur hope. Do ur best!

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Open at KSSC

I’m open at KSSC! Please come down as it’s very benificial. I won’t be looking at the IFC whilst I control to avoid distraction so be mindful of that.


Still open at KSSC!

On my way!

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Sorry about that, had a calibration issue. I’ll be back

Hey so great controlling first of all! Although I have one thing to recommend ;)

So I had been in the patter for runway 22L. I request a runway change to runway 22R, now you did the correct first step and gave me a pattern entry… fast forward to where I am almost at the threshold for 22R and have yet to receive the pattern instruction/clearance for the option and a left or right traffic pattern

So for future reference If someone requests a runway change then you need to start over and give the patter. Entry to the new runway, then sequence if needed, then clear for the option make left or right traffic (since it’s a new runway you need to give a new pattern entry). I also recommend looking at which runway umber is next to my call sign and if it is green or not as I was told that I was already cleared to land and avoid unnecessary reports… so just always always, be aware and ahead on knowing where an aircraft is but also which runway they are inbound for and if you cleared them or not which in this case I was never cleared