Ash_Rand’s Photo Compilation V1

Welcome to: @Ash_Rand ’s Photo Compilation V1! These are a collection of photos from over the past couple of months… tell me what you think!

Photo 1: Route: PHNL - YSRI
STAL02 departing Honolulu with a UPS A330-300F in the foreground and the beatiful mountains in the background.

Photo 2: Route: YWLM - YWLM
An F-18 pulling away from a ANZ 787-900 not responding to ATC above the skys of NSW, Australia.

Photo 3: Route: NZQN - MOON
An F22 Raptor protecting the International Space Station from any Alien attacks above the picturesque New Zealand.

Please tell me what you think below!

Which one was your favourite?

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Love the fact you are defending my nation 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 on me

Ash rand your a kiwi hero 🤩

Oh wait your protecting the iss…

Close enough

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Love that second photo, great job!

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Thanks Mate!

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