Asda 747-200

Now no matter who your are this has to be your favourite livery on a 747. I present to you the Asda 747-200.
Asda (for anyone not from the UK) is a supermarket owned by Wallmart that has a very green theme in there shops and on there trucks.
The aircraft was owned by Singapore Airlines at first then went to Olympic airlines who then retired it. Since being retired it had been stored at Bruntingthorpe airfield in Leicestershire for four year before being painted in the Asda livery.
I made this as I know it is what the people want.
More info:

Looks like a quite nic livery!! Sorry I’m outta votes!

The livery reminds me of a walmart ad, But the paint scheme looks good on it!

It’s depressing, I wish they used this for home delivery instead of the vans 😭😭
Gotta admit, it’s an awesome livery too. Quite unusual


I have never seen this livery before XD

I never knew Walmart had an airline XD

Maybe if Walmart were to make their livery prettier, I would vote, but for now, no. Nice request and find though!

Mmm I live in the UK, and I go to ASDA all the time. Nice Livery!

It’s an Asda livery and they don’t have an airline. The aircraft is now back in storage. I think the paint it was painted with was cheap as from all the research I did it looks like it all came of an it is the Olympic livery now.

Wait where would it fly?😂 will it be a shuttle that flies you between london asda and aberdeen asda😂

The Livey reminds me Kulula airlines from South Africa ?

Loveeee Asda defo voted and what a livery

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Budget airline? I don’t see to much UK-owned operators with a 747 “low prices” livery. Very interesting.

It was never in commercial service for Asda.

As someone from the uk this is NEEDED all thats left is tecos 😂 got my vote

omg yes TESCO is life imo

For you, and anyone else wondering, allow me to elaborate on this feature request a little.
Owned by Walmart.
I do most of my shopping at ASDA, and as much as I wish I shopped on a plane…

This particular 747 was retired, and stored at an airfield in the UK. It has had all of its flight controls stripped and it’s engines removed.

ASDA used this as a PR stunt quite some time ago. As to what actually is done with the aircraft, I am unsure

I mean, an airline made by a shopping market might be interesting… And they’d know how to stack your bags… Not so sure about customer service tho 😂


It’s Walmart, and yes, ASDA is a subsidy of Walmart. I don’t think my discount card would work there if I went to the UK.

Very interesting to see the green livery on the 747-200.

I did put Wallmart you have just not quoted the t at the end.

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So you call up to get a 747 bringing grocery’s to your door

This plane does not, I repeat DOES NOT have engins.

I love how they use the trucks to hide the fact that it has no engines…