Ascent and Descent rates

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Quite new to the game.
I am looking to find out how much people are climbing with VS upon take off.

Also, is there an average altitude you cruise when entering the cone of the airport when on an approach

Thanks Guys!

This tutorial should help you out with ILS or the cone approach. But for me I’m around 2500-3000 above the AGL not MSL.

As for climbing and desending it’s really up to you, how far out you are, how heavy and the winds could be a factor possibly.

Hello! For your first question it can vary upon the airfield you are departing, how heavy your aircraft is, what aircraft. Generally I tend to depart the airspace at about 2200-2600 VS until I reach about FL100. Once I reach that flight level I slow down my climb to about 1600-2000 VS. It is really up to you. Some of these numbers may change because of your weight or aircraft.

This is for your ILS approach.

When flying a visual approach apply this tutorial:

I highly recommend that you check out #tutorials for more information about several different stages of flight.

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Climbing and Descending really depends on aircraft and weight. For descent, aim for about a 3 degree descent angle as it is most comfortable for passengers. Ascent can be between 1000 VS for a super heavy 777 to 2500, however it should never really exceed 2500.


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