Ascension Island

Hello, today they are reviewing the Live Flight I found something very curious and is that there is an island in the middle of the ocean called Ascension Island, I saw it on a flight made by this guy and I called my attention, it would be nice to make a flight there as an event or an FNF is just a point of view, it is a super beautiful place and I would like to know it at least by IFS.


Images by Google and LiveFlight

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Lol thats a Royal Air Force base mate and used as such as a hub and springboard to and from the Falkland islands. Still beautiful indeed but I don’t think the apron is suited for the number of aircraft attending a FNF πŸ˜‰


You are right about the FNF, but the idea of ​​a Flash Flight or of including it within the ATC schedule would not be bad, it would also be the opportunity for a Virtual Air Force to carry out an event. Thanks for your comment I appreciate it very much.


No worries mate. I am a part of GAF or Global Air Force here in IF and we are using it the same way the real RAF use it 😊


looks like a nice place but I high doubt that there will be a FNF or even a flash flight due to the lack of gates (4)


Indeed. Have flown there on GAF missions crossing the pond.


One of the first place I visited after the scenery update last year. Amazing island in the middle of nowhere.


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