Hello IFC, i have searched for this topic before but the answers i found were only very brief and not exactly to the point (if there is a topic that i couldn’t find please link it) I decided to ask here as a general idea as it obviously does vary from aircraft to aircraft or maybe its different in infinite flight. The question is, how to ascend. What i mean by that is what speeds and when, vs at different altitudes, is it different for heavies? At what point should we start accelerating towards cruise speed? Like on AP you can easily set the speed but it goes straight to 100% over n1. Any advice? Sorry for the amount of questions in a small amount of time. I want to keep things professional aha like not ascending at 4000 fpm. Thanks :)

Usually a plane has a takeoff thrust and a climb thrust, if your climb rate is normal(Not 4000+fpm) the speed will gradually increase using climb rate and it’ll be near your cruising speed when you’re at cruise. Usually takeoff thrust is 90-95% N1 and climb thrust is around 75-85% N1. If I recall correctly you retract to climb thrust 1000 feet above SFL and keep this all the way to cruise. Just ditch the AP


Adding to what Matthew said, if you are flying with the right speed your N1 shouldn’t go above 100%.
If you use and to make your flightplans, it will automatically give you the speeds and the climb rates.

Climb and descent profiles vary slightly from plane to plane but are pretty similar by intention no matter the type and manufacturer. Excepting ATC or procedures, you can just follow the profile. So for example, one might be 240/290/78. 240kts to 10,000ft, then 290kts until it equals Mach 0.78 then maintain that Mach for the rest of your climb.

Cant seem to get simbrief to work, ive made an account…whhere do i go for it to make a flight plan?

Check that out:

Thank you ill check it out now

Control your throttle manually until you’re close to your target speed. This will keep it below 104% for as much as possible. There will still be a second where it may fall beneath the setting then ratchets back up for a second, but that’s much better than setting your speed from well below.

I always throttle up manually until I reach the speed. That’s the only way to keep it from going full throttle like it does.

[I’m referring just to the part about setting AP speed]


Yes seems a good idea, keeps it more realistic too

Start leveling at 10% of your V/S.

So, at 1000fpm start leveling at 100’ to go.

4000fpm, 400’ etc.


I have made myself this little table with climb and descent profile, certainly not 100% correct but sufficent to give an edge of realsim within IF.

Below is for the B767


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