AS350B2 Crash - Update 27 March 2352 GMT


This will be the official thread in regards of the AS350B2 crash in NYC.

On 11 March 2018 an AS350B2 (N350LH), owned by Liberty Helicopters, operating as a charter, did an auto rotation into the East river in New York City, Onboard 6 people, 5 passengers, 1 pilot. At the time the pilot declared an emergency saying their engine has failed and they were going down, floats did deploy which is able to be seen in the video posted to Twitter

the pilot was able to escape, 5 others could not and the helicopter rolled over.



NTSB has released a report:

The pilot believes a passenger’s harness caught the fuel shut off and was able to cut the fuel off.

Update 12 March
The NSTB has pulled the AS350 from the river



The helicopter is currently at an undisclosed location.

Update 0150GMT:
Pilot says he believes one of the passenger’s harnesses was able to hit the fuel cut off switch and pulled it which caused the engine to fail, the pilot remains in the hospital tonight.
Dallas Fire Department confirms one of their fire fighters were killed on board this flight.

Update 2123GMT:
Audio release from the accident that took place.

Update 27 March 2352Z
NSTB has released preliminary report on deadly helicopter crash in New York’s East River

he (The Pilot) was clear of buildings and was going to land in the river, he activated floats on the skids and “when he reached down for the emergency fuel shutoff lever, he realized it was in the off position. He noted that a portion of the front seat passenger’s tether was underneath the lever” – raising the possibility that a passenger may have inadvertently tripped the switch.


Oof. Looking forward for more info from this thread.


Anytime I hear official word I’ll share information!


Truly sad R.I.P to all victims and hopefully nothing as wrinkle can come again

It’s tragic, the pilot is young and has a long career ahead if he can shake this off.

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New update as of 2352Z 27 March

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