As Ryanair’s 737 MAX nears delivery, will you fly on it?

As Ryanair’s 737-200 MAX aircraft near their delivery date, I am getting more excited about what the future holds for the aircraft and at the prospect of seeing one of these machines soon. Unfortunately some people are not excited to see them at all and will not fly on one, so here is what Ryanair has done to cater for these people.

What has Ryanair done for people who are reluctant to fly on the aircraft?

As some people will not fly on the 737 MAX aircraft because of safety concerns, Ryanair has had to put a few measures in place to cater these people. Back in March, the former Ryanair CEO, Michael O’ Leary said that “Nobody will be forced to fly in the aircraft” and that they don’t want anybody to “feel trapped on a MAX aircraft”. Ryanair have said that if you don’t want to fly on a MAX aircraft, you will be given a full refund or the option to book another flight that isn’t operated by a 737 MAX. Ryanair will also have a 6 month customer confidence process in which they will try to win the customers confidence in the aircraft. To be honest I don’t know how they will do this but I would be happy to fly on a MAX aircraft.

When are they expected to be delivered?

Ryanair is expecting delivery’s to start in early 2021 and 20 are expected to have been delivered by the Summer of next year. As you can see in the photo at the top of this post, some the aircraft are completely finished and they just need to have their test flights completed. Since deliveries have now started again, with the first aircraft gone to United Airlines. Here is the article:

Would you fly on the MAX?

As the subtitle suggests, would you fly on the 737 MAX aircraft? If not why? Personally I would fly on the aircraft because I think that the FAA and Boeing will not make the same mistake again and claim the lives of many more people, they are already faced with many lawsuits and I don’t think they can take many more.
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The aircraft was grounded for a reason. I believe that the MAX will be one of if not the safest aircraft in the world once it’s back fully. If I was given the opportunity to fly on one, I wouldn’t decline


Nope I would give it a shot myself


100% would fly on it.


This is a trick question

Would I fly on a MAX? YES
Would I fly on Ryanair’s MAX? NO
Would I fly on Ryanair? NO


Don’t see why not


I’d rather fly on Easyjet for similar fares :)


Your opinion about FR is yours but this is the right one

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Lol thanks :)

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Well this is a debate I’ll obviously win, so just to spare the humiliation let’s continue this in a PM;)

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Properly no. Because MAX is quite dangerous and Ryanair’s service is so bad

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As for the topic itself, I would certainly fly on the Ryanair 737 Max whenever I get the chance.

Quick update on the easyJet vs Ryanair debate against @Robertine I won:)


Not after the recent allegations.


They are a ULCC, can’t expect an EK service from them

I mean, if this was 2019 I would say this possibly but it’s been recertified, not like it just sat around on the ground for 20 months and the FAA and Boeing did not do anything with it, probably the safest aircraft out there


I wouldn’t fly the MAX immediately. I would wait some time. It won’t change anything but it’s just a psychological matter…

For those who are saying Ryanair’s service is bad: what do you expect when your ticket costs 5€? You pay for what you get and I think it’s really comfortable. If I need only a bag, why should I spend €150 for hand luggage, checked luggage, seat and some disgusting snacks?

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If the MAX went a full year wih no major software malfunctions I would probably fly on it with any airline

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I will rather fly Norwegian 737-8 Max.


i am pretty sure there are many allegations of FAA rigging the results so thats why many other countries no longer trust the FAA

I’d fly it. Boeing as an aircraft manufacturer has most likely done extensive straying and training on the MAX aircraft, and I for one believe that there company could not recover from another incident.

Now, talking about flying in Ryanair’s 737 MAX, someone needs to buy me a ticket to Europe first.

I won’t be so reluctant to fly on the MAX straight away. I think I’ll wait a year or two. Just to see how things go, I know there isn’t a risk anymore but I dunno I guess my anxiety would 100% stop me from flying on one in the near future

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