As an Event, How about use Skype. For live atc

I think that it is interesting I really talk, and to try ATC using Skype.
Part to each sector.
What does everybody think?

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Skype can only handle a few people in the same call and no one has over 5 Skype accounts they check…


It’s a very good idea, however not many people manage an active Skype account, and it does not work well with large groups. So I guess it would be great for a small group, at a small airport, in a quiet server. :relaxed:

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Thank you reply. Certainly it is it can not …

Thank you reply.Someday , I hope and age can do actually talk comes .

One word…


If you were to do this, you would have to make several different Skype groups for the different frequencies. For example, one would be all ground frequencies, one would be all tower frequencies, one would be all ATIS frequencies, and so on.

Or you could use ventrilo, team speak, etc.

Google hangouts, but that would only allow the controller to talk. There would be no response from the pilot

Is there a mute option available on Skype. Push to talk is the biggest advantage that Zello has.