As an avgeek, how do you arrange things in favor to aviation?

Fellow avgeek here. How do you arrange things in favor to aviation?

My wallpaper is definitely a 747-400.
My Google keyboard theme is a 747-8. Whats yours?

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cough stock wallpapers cough


I also have most of my wallpapers and profile pictures as pictures of aircraft that I have spotted, other than that not really too much else

My school laptop background is this:

Photo credit: Me


All my PC backgrounds are from me, Phone is my favourite close up shot.

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some 737 cockpit in the sunset

My wallpaper is this:

Yes, its a 747

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Well, all my school accounts on school devices have locked backgrounds. But… on my iPad of course there are some nice IF pics!

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Theming all your work and essays at school around aviation. Oh, and having this as your lock screen…

My phone background is stock
My tablet background is stock
The PC’s I use are stock

My phone is (very very slightly) imprinted with the status bar from being in flight for 2500+ hours continuously.

i use all of these as my laptop lock screen

a huge fan of etihad and emirates, as i work in dxb.

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Wow. whats your position at DXB?

Work for a visa company in uk embassy

Do you had a chance to see at least an A380?

So many times dude
Its huge
I go near the airport amd spot planes so many times
Personal favourites are A380 & 777 ER

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you are such a lucky person to work at the Rich bois airport

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Dude emirates airlines is at next level i must telll u
I have a couple of the relatives working in the airlines
Its madness
So much of extra factor they have

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