As an ATC, when I give an exit instruction, please exit the direction I assign!

I was controlling Stewart (KSWF) on the expert server earlier. It is unusual in its taxiway lay out.

Taxiway alpha is the only taxiway connecting parking to runway 09. In other words, I had been ordering inbound aircraft to exit left, and use taxiway bravo to go to parking in order to avoid conflicts between inbound and departing aircraft. If you turned right onto alpha rather than left, after I ordered you to do so, please listen in the future so collisions don’t happen!


Also can someone move this into the live category, forgot to post is there.


Training Server = Can’t do much.

Expert = Contact a ATC moderator.


Dude, this isn’t a specific complaint, this is a general one. No point in contacting an ATC mod


Yup, was just trying to make this problem more aware. Not specific whatsoever.

hes an expert server controller

I was the one who turned right. But I get exit runway instruction too late. So, I would like to know why exit runway instruction can’t be given while aircraft is still in the air, there is option for that. In that case pilots will have enough time to prepare thayselfs for exit, and it will be easier for ATC, not to wait exact moment for instruction and losing time.

Actually, quite a few turned right. I also gave right if there was no conflicting traffic. The easiest solution would be to label the taxiways with their corresponding names, and let atc have the ability to tell aircraft when to turn based on taxiway name. Although that’s not practical at this stage of IF.

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Wow “Why can’t we give an exit runway instruction while the plane is in the air?” Well the plane is already in the air we don’t know what the situation will be on the ground and an exit runway instruction can only be issued when the plane has landed and is at a safe controlled speed hence why you think the the exit runway instruction came late when it most likely didn’t.


I was given exit left, but the only open taxiway to the left is literally at the touchdown point, so I had to taxi all the way down the runway, till I was given ‘please expedite, contact ground off the taxiway’ with no direction, so went off to the left at the next available.

The possibility to give the exit runway after the landing clearance will be great . So the pilot already knows if he/she will turn right or left to avoid conflict departure and landing aircraft .

Make sure when you’re on an extended landing roll looking for the next available runway exit, maintain the best possible speed (45k approx) while still on the runway. Most controllers won’t issue “please expedite” if we see you you hustling to get off the runway 👍🏾


I get them when I’m on short final like, all the time in TS1…
I don’t reply to them since I’m busy with the landing and they say please follow instructions…
Can get really annoying at times…
Btw I’m not complaining since this is TS1 we’re talking about…

This is enlightening and good guidance.


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