As a passenger; short, medium or long haul?


ULH flights ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community.

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

I cant do ULH, After a couple of hours it starts to get annoying.

Welcome to the community @Lucas1 and @Infinitenoob!

I’m addicted to long haul flights

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I can get a little bored on long haul flights and they can be a pain to sleep in unless you have a lie flat seat so jet lag is a big problem. I like medium and short hauls on Delta since they have IFE screens, power ports, and WiFi on almost every short and medium haul flight and depending on distance they have pretty solid buy onboard food so I like the short-medium experience the best

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I’ve been on 12+ hour flights before. Montreal to Shanghai.

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I love when I have to fly from Houston to Detroit or jfk or something and I have 2 one hour and a half flights ✈️🛩💺

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Definitely Long Haul.

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I thought short hall would be last.

He’s talking about real life, not Infintie Flight :/.

OMG I AM SOOOOOOO stupid… Read it soo wrong… My bad! will delete my comment…

I am not a frequent flyer however, I love long hauls. I find short hauls quite “unattractive”. Few days a go I had 3 short hauls flights in 3 days (2 in 1 day)… And didn’t really found it interesting xD…

I feel you. I’ve never been on a continuous flight that was more than 4 hrs long.


It’s okay, you don’t need to call yourself stupid. Everyone makes mistakes!

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