As a 49ers fan, I'm sad. (SPOTTING AT SJC)

Hello! Today’s plane spotting collection is from February 12th and 14th at SJC.

Hope you all enjoy!

Here are the first 9 photos, all from February 12th.

First up, a beautiful Delta A220-300 from MSP!

Next. and this is why I am really sad. This United 777-300ER was ferrying the 49ers back to the Bay Area from Las Vegas after losing a tough one in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. And even worse, my camera refused to focus after this shot. Oh well. Hopefully we will have a good chance next year.

Next up, on a happier note, my first United 767-400!!! This one was ferrying friends, family, and some staff of the 49ers from Las Vegas. Still sad, though.

A great looking Southwest 737 MAX!

A Spirit A320neo with that nasty looking “scratched paint” livery coming from DFW. Glad they changed it.

My first cargo 757! UPS from Louisville!

In my last post, I shared a United A320 that showed up as the older livery on FlightRadar24, and I had snapped the shot of it in the new livery that was rejected on JetPhotos. This time, this United A320 was accepted! Take a look here. Oh, and @Zachary, go ahead and use this on the United Evo Blue thread.

Missouri One! My first time spotting this special livery!

My first time spotting this plane. I never realized how good it looked! This Alaska 737-800 in the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” livery roaring in from Sea-Tac!

This last shot was from today, February 14th.

Finally, the gorgeous Alaska 737 MAX 9 in the “West Coast Wonders” livery slowing down, kicking up a lot of mist on a wet runway 12R!

Combined, probably some of my best days ever spotting at SJC. Which shot did you like best?

  • 1 (Delta BCS3)
  • 2 (United B77W)
  • 3 (United B764)
  • 4 (Southwest B38M)
  • 5 (Spirit A20N)
  • 6 (UPS B752)
  • 7 (United A320)
  • 8 (Southwest B737 [Missouri One Livery])
  • 9 (Alaska B738 [Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Livery)
  • 10 (Alaska B39M [West Coast Wonders Livery])
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Thanks for reading!


Nice photos! That Alaska livery in no.10 is awesome!

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That west coast wonders plane has been so elusive for me, i can never seem to spot it


Sigh…I’ve said ”hopefully next year” each time they’ve made the Super Bowl and fell short. But it’s really all we can say 😭

On another note, I can always look forward to more photos from you from my local airports 😁 sweet shots as always!


Nice shots, how did it take JP only 1 day to process and screen the photo for acceptance?

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Cool photos! :)

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Great shots! That Alaska shot looks awesome with the spray.

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amazing shots as always 👌

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Livery swap constitutes a hot photo which gives priority screening


On a side note:

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 12.14.39 PM

did you mean 70-300 lol or are you on the 1990’s 75-300

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i meant 70-300 lol i will fix it

thank you!

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thank you!!

new livery, so a hot photo.

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i can only hope 😭 thnaks for reading!

only the second time i ever spotted it last time was nearly a year ago.

thank you!! appreciate it!

appreciate it!

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This is my favorite livery to ever exist of all time maybe beside the old AA livery.

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it really is amazing!