Aruba Spotting 18-01-2021

After spending the holidays in Curacao I unfortunately had to go back to gloomy Amsterdam. But on my trip back to Amsterdam I purposefully planned in a 7 hour layover in Aruba as I’ve always wanted to go there and it only cost me €5 to change my booking. So of course I took the opportunity. After spending some time wandering around Oranjestad I went spotting with a few fellow Aruban avgeeks.

Amerijet 767-323F N349CM thundering down the runway for a very short hop to Curacao.

American Airlines A321-231 N153AN bound for Philly.
Delta Airlines 757-232 N639DL on its way back to Atlanta Another American Airlines A321-231 N903AA on the return leg to Miami.
United Airlines 737-924ER N45440 heading to Newark.

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Great pictures! Loverly to see a rather rare location for a spotting topic and some rare planes ike the B767 of Amerijet! Great pictures and scenery as well :)
Thanks for sharing!

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Cool pictures! And since we’re talking about Aruba, do you have a pic of the Aruba Airlines CRJ-200 parked at the ramp?

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Annnnnd I wish I was there…

Nice photos!

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Unfortunately not, I think all their planes were stored at the time

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Thanks :))

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