Aruba Airport elevation?

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Recently i flew to aruba (TNCA) on infinite flight, and in Real life. I have been visiting Aruba since i was born and have Family There, i Know island and The airport inside out, Now here comes the problem, when i was on approach i noticed a steep elevation just before The runway, which doesnt excist in real life, there is a small elevation but The One here is not normal at all, is this Just my scenery caché that needs to be cleared or is this the same For everyone? The real life picture is the same runway, does someone know why on the app It looks like that?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s because the runway is flat. Since the runways in IF are flat, the airport elevations in the game are based how are in Real Life. That’s why there are steep elevations.

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That is based on the limitations of what we can do with airports in IF, as airports are entirely flat. Thus, ledges like this pop out. What I can direct you to is a thread that would ultimately get rid of the issue, as it requests a means of adapting the airports to the terrain in the game:


Ah that’s why! Thanks guys! Was just wondering if I had gone crazy :D

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Happy to help!

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