Aruba Airlines island hopping! TNCA-TNCC-TNCB-TNCA

Hello everyone! Today I went island hopping in a Q400! I did this flight because I flew on it in December 2019. It was a Q300 C-FEYG which was leased and now has been returned. (Sadly)

Flight time: 1.30 hours

Aircraft: Generic Q400


Server: Training

Airline: Aruba Airlines

Enjoy my photos!!

Parked at Aruba!

Cruising over TNCC! (Curaçao)

Touchdown at Bonaire! (I live here!!!)

Parked. (Photo taken where the Techno Bar is)

Landing at TNCC.

Parked at Curaçao.

Landing at Aruba!


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I hope you liked these photos!


This is C-FEYG if anyone was wondering.


I really love those photos. It makes me want to go island hopping. I love islands they are so cool and exciting.

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What is the website you used for the flight summary

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Thank you! Great photos by the way. How is it living in Aruba? Is it hot rn

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*Bonaire btw

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The landings are really butter!!

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I live on Bonaire, but since the islands are only like 50 KM apart, it’s mostly the same temperature. Right now it’s 26 Celsius

yea same its 26 degrees Celsius

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I’m sorry for the mistake, I truly am. It’s about the same where I live, 24°C (75°F).

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Oh, surprising a lot of people have almost the same weather, maybe because it’s almost getting night

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I really like these shots!

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I LOVE the ABC islands having been there a few times. Awesome pics!

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You could have taken the Crj200 of Aruba Airlines.

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Awesome pics!

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I wouldn’t have, they weren’t flying then.

Some rather cool pictures of what looks like a fun route! Island hopping is always a great pleasure and the Dash8 is really built for such operations. Thanks for sharing!

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The amazing bar at the airport! I live on Bonaire and I hope they add a 3d airport for it

are the flight plans from sim brif