Aruba Airlines CRJ-200

Aruba Airlines - CRJ-200

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Aruba Airlines:

(IATA: AG, IACO: ARU) - Aruba Airlines
Aruba Airlines is the flag carrier of Aruba with 5 aircraft currently in its fleet. Two of those 5 aircraft are the CRJ-200 and are wet leased from Voyageur Airways. Aruba Air is expected to receive their own CRJ in 2018.

My Opinion:

This has to be the prettiest livery that I have ever seen on a CRJ. The Blue just goes so well! I would love to see this added into Infinite Flight as I have seen it once at SXM and I think this would be a used livery in Caribbean Air Travel on IF!

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Yea this looks great in my opinion This deserves a vote!


Thanks for showing your support! Glad its not just me that really likes this livery!


Sorry but I don’t have any votes left, If I had one I already gave it to you because I like this livery so much!


That is a great livery, which would definitely color up the CRJ-200 fleet in IF xD

Unfortunately I’m out of votes…

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It certainly would! :)

Removed one of my votes for this. This will hopefully spice up the Caribbean Islands.

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This is a very good idea Balloonchaser. Aruba ariba. Ine happy Island.


The colors just make me smile! I guess that the happy island picked a good Airline livery! :)

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You have my vote. Not only does the livery look cool, but I like yelling “ARRRUUUBBBBAAAA”


Now I’m going to be saying that all day!! :/

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Who would fly Aruba😂 This livery looks cool, but who made the writing on the aircraft like that. The wing winglets it sharklets don’t match with the tail but the color is nice. Gives a tropical image of the company. My personal oppinions is the livery is a good match but that star on the top doesn’t match the tail. I’m not anti Aruba so you have my vote. I would like to fly this Aircraft in IF

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I was really wondering that aswell! They dont match at all (Unless its supposed to match with the word “Airlines”)

Thats the Aruba Flag

Great to hear! :D


I love going far into the forums and seeing liveries I’ve never seen/heard of. This is a nice one. Great addition


Thanks for the support!

I would love to see this on IF for the update

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Did you know that this airline had a Canadian registration??

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While there are only 5, it does have a very beautiful livery. Like the colors.


I’m with you on the colors (amazing) :)

I like this Livery, tho I don’t know any Routes for it? If you could fine some routes that it flies, I may vote for it 🙃

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It does regular AUA-CUR and it occasionally does CUR-SXM (and many other routes)