ARTCC Addition to IFATC - Air Routing Traffic Control Center

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After being an active member on here for the past few months. I found myself diving deep into the world of mobile flight sims. I’ve tried nearly every one out there and IF always tops all of them. I asked myself lately what is missing in IF (besides taxi lights, Clearance Delivery, clouds/weather, more planes, and liveries) I thought ARTCCs would be a good topic to vote on.

Photo used a reference. But obviously this would be global.

"ARTCCs, usually referred to as “Centers,” are established primarily to provide Air Traffic Service to aircraft operating on IFR flight plans within the controlled airspace, and principally during the en route phase of flight.

There are 21 Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) in the United States." - Taken from NASA and Wikipedia.

I think this would be a fantastic addition to keep promoting realism and provide a true ATC experience from the ground to your destination. Sometimes it gets lonely on the long cruises.

This seems pretty similar to this topic… I’ll let the mods decide tho.

Personally, I’d absolutely love for center to be re-added.

I’d love see center re added!

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ARTCC and Center are the same. Continue the discussion in the topic Diamond linked. Thanks.