ArrowCargo DC-10

Love the look of this livery! Hopefully, we can see this with the new update! I really like the blue swash on the A.

Credit to fabster4444

Arrow Cargo was founded by George E. Batchelor in 1920. They were based in Miami International Airport, with 7 aircraft in their fleet and 31 destinations until they ceased operations in 2010. Check this Wikipedia page of more information on the airline.

Sorry to say but found this other topic, although it’s a few months old

Is it possible to give a more in depth information about the company?

Where its from, how many aircraft are in the fleet, etc

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Oh I searched and everything :(. EDIT: this is a passenger version, the other is a cargo.

If you make it more in-depth… You can try to ask the devs to keep this one because it is just… Better! :)

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Added a bit more info.

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We can keep this one. The other one hasn’t had any activity in a while. :)


Thanks, Henrik! :–)

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Thank You Henrik! :)

This airline used to operate flights to Panama before, it’s a very nice livery.

This topic looks nicer. Thanks

You got my vote too.

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This would be so nice to have in the DC-10/MD-11 update as it stands out with colors and looks overall nice! :)

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Oh wow! Looks great! Love the blue and green.


Indeed one of the nicest liveries of the DC-10, love the green and blue combination.


Another great cargo charter airline based in KMIA, This and the Centurion/Skylease Cargo livery would be a great thing to have for the MD-11 and the DC-10!

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