Arrogance precedes fall!

As always I already leave here the following information: If this offend the most sensitive, you can delete the post because they do this very well, no matter how they solve things.

Ever tried to defend yourself in cases of violations?
Well I did it but in fact what was a simple problem of consciousness became the biggest mess because everyone participates in the subject trying to solve what will not be upset.
How many violations are resolved here?
How many problems reported did the complainant win? My problem was simple I lost control of my system from an increased delay to loss of contact with the ATC and total confusion of commands is all in the replay video. Me talking to the tower and no answer. There is a MAYDAY button and let your know in real life if you ask it the priority is your landing. But the ATC understands and continues to affirm this until today that it commands and we obey. I think the name of it is God’s syndrome. I ended up falling as if I were landing in fact it was lucky even the engine was so slow that it dropped and fell before the track line and less than 1/3 of it. I stood there for about 4 minutes. The curious thing is that all this was after 10:49 of flight missing a few minutes to land everything collapsed. And the ATC thought it good to have me land, but at the last minute he had me take a walk, the question is how? And this became a punishment that I came here to recer but according to the brotherhood I lost. After much discussion and words that I said in the heat of anger because I think this is all absurd the same ATC tells me that regardless of the problems I should obdece it and now I was expelled from VA that alias does not affect me at all, I am sorry but it has passed . The funny thing is that the subject was solved here so the question is where did the subject come back from? If every time someone complains the IFC fellowship comes together to say “YOU ARE WRONG” I ask is there anyone right here besides them of course? And it still has them punishment people who like to see someone be punished for various reasons from the simplest to the most serious. I think it is not enough time to grow up and see that this is a game because even in the simulator you can ask for a simple thing like MAYDAY. The title to arrogance preceding the fall is a biblical term and today applies to me. But tomorrow who will be the next to fall?


I agree I think that People should let the moderators do their job and just say if they agree with the post if not Contact a moderator and let them take care of it .

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I do not see the FAA calling people on the street to attend their meetings. It’s worse to say what you think.


@demetrius_Souza Right!!😁

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You know what’s interesting, I’m out of the expert’s training, and even so, that solved issue has returned and now it’s a problem for me.

There’s actually multiple occasions where an aircraft or the sever may glitch. When you get 10 violations in a single minute of a session… Contact a moderator - The server is supposed to system ghost you at 6. If your aircraft bounces up and down and causes you to get a aerobatic violation or causes your APPR to fail, contact a moderator - there’s known bugs with aircraft like the B712 and A321.

There’s actually certain times where violations should be addressed to moderators. Same goes for ghosting… Our Expert ATC controllers may be perfect but we all make mistakes… Let’s say you get ghosted for a small reason but then you have evidence that you are in the right…

Now even for stuff that you probably know that you are wrong… Still contact a moderator and just ask about the situation in a nice way. Our moderators and controllers are very awesome and understanding and they would be more than happy to explain it for you.

I’ll leave you with 3 simple words:

Always Ask Questions


Look, I understand all this, I’m really not interested in discussions.
But the defense used by people who say they are understanding is very irritating. Yes I fought and yes I spoke a lot of heavy things but not offensive things the moral (do not know how it is called in English) in Brazil when it is ugly we have words like donkey. This is not a bad word is a comparison between stubborn and insistent in error. And this was the case with the ATC, in addition to seeing me fall it seemed nice to punish me and reaffirmed that. But this post is more of an to reflect on who is right or wrong including myself.


If you mean Burro, the English word is Dumb

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Ola amigo desculpe esse desabafo é aquele problema de novo acredita? Eu realmente acreditava que esse assunto estava resolvido e olha ele de volta.

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Não me surpreende… Se quiseres falar mais sobre isto, teremos de usar aquela mensagem privada… senão os moderadores vão reclamar connosco


It doesn’t surprise me… If you want to talk more about this, we’ll have to use that PM… Otherwise moderators will say to do so

Não precisa conversar deixa como está. este post é para fazerem as pessoas pensarem no que realmente esta acontecendo eu me desliguei da VA hoje e vou voltar a minha vida normal. Não quero mesmo discutir isso de novo apenas achei que foi um ato de traição afinal assunto resolvido com pedidos de desculpas pra lá e pra cá… é assunto resolvido.

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Amigo você é nota 10 obrigado por tudo.

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