Arriving into busy New York

Here are some pics of me arriving at a busy JFK airport.

Route: Schiphol, Amsterdam (EHAM) —> John F. Kennedy Airport, New York (KJFK)
Airplane: Airbus A330-900neo
Time: 18:01 (CET)
Server: Expert

4 planes holding short!


Airliners from all over the world


The first pic is insanely good !


Yo that is full on sick!


The first picture is crazy

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You can remove the little rectangle on the top left by changing the time in the replay by a few minutes this will make these pictures even better !

Merci pour le text (@Stan7)

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Man I really love busy airports, awesome pictures!
Also I love how in the first photo, the a380 is at the shortest hold short line whereas the 737 is taking the full extent runway hold short line lol

I no (little joke with Tim) I’m the best 😎

You are the best yes

The first one is 😍, bravo!

Guess I’ll hop on the train. 😉

That first photo is really good!

That Emirates A380 really needs to learn how to hold short properly…
Nice shots! 👍

sigh, I miss worldport

What a smooth landing

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Love all these, keep up the good work!

first time seeing this much planes holding short on the runway! never even saw this much planes together on the runway irl!

welcome :)

I agree! Welcome!

Amazing photography mate the first one is absolutely gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️