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I’m a new player of if. So I was wandering if there is a free option to see what gates are compatible with what planes. So does anyone have a graph or a free app?

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When picking a gate on either Expert Server or Training Server if your aircraft is too small for your gate you will be unable to spawn in and the spot will light up red. However to answer your question an app called Virtual Hub specifically made for Infinite Flight is great to use! Aside from that just looking up where each airline parks at an airport will make your experience more realistic. Hope this answers your question if you have anymore do not hesitate to ask.

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this website is good to see real world gates that real planes used!
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As per above, we can only see the gates of the airport we are about to start from. To get info about gates at your destination airport, you either need to use a third-party tool, or spawn at your destination airport first, to have a look and see.

I have created a feature request for this, which didn’t get a lot of attention.

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Just to add to the contributions from everyone, there are many resources you can use to get gate size information for your specific aircraft such as the LiveFlight App. It has a UI that identifies an airport and a ground map of the gates and the maximum size it can take.

If you use Flightradar24 as well, you can match the gates and get a perfect fit for your aircraft.

Lastly, one thing to take of is that IF also makes sure you don’t spawn for example, an A380 on a 36 meter wingspan gate as it would be rather large for that gate.

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