[ARRIVING] Cincinnati Fly-Out @ KCVG - 231700ZJUN18

Hello everyone! Over the past few months I have been working on a fly-out for all of you, from my favorite airport, KCVG!

Information and gate assignments are below. Hope to see you there!

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is a public international airport located in Hebron, Kentucky, that serves the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. KCVG covers an area of 7,000 acres (28.3 km2). Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport offers non-stop passenger service to 62 destinations with 179 peak daily departures. The airport is a focus city for Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines. In addition, KCVG is the fastest-growing cargo airport in North America.


Server: Expert (ATC is provided)

Airport: KCVG

Time: June 23rd, 1700Z – June 23, 2018 5:00 PM

Gate Assingnments:

Terminal A (Air Canada, Allegiant, Frontier, United, and Southwest)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate A1 Frontier A320 KTPA @Cbro4
Gate A3 United CRJ KIAD @777-300ER (UVA-035)
Gate A4 Frontier A320 KDEN @kenfre02
Gate A5 United CRJ KORD @boiler03 (UVA-075)
Gate A6 Southwest B737 KMDW @AllegiantAir
Gate A7 Southwest B737 KMDW @theabdulrasheed
Gate A8 Southwest B737 KBWI @Trumpeteerjones
Gate A9 United CRJ KIAH @Justin_Chan
Gate A10 United A320 KDEN @speedbot (UVA-069)
Gate A11 United A320 KSFO @Playr_Mar
Gate A12 United CRJ KEWR @jakevaz423 (UVA-001)
Gate A13 United CRJ KORD @suarez (UVA-093)
Gate A14 Air Canada ERJ CYYZ @2003iggy (ACVA258)
Gate A15 Air Canada A319 CYYZ @CR3W (ACVA204)
Gate A16 Air Canada A319 CYUL @Balloonchaser (ACVA04)
Gate A17 Air Canada ERJ CYUL @PilotJ (ACVA114)
Gate A18 Air Canada A319 CYOW @Sebastian9915 (ACVA243)
Gate A19 Allegiant B752 KPIE @Georges180305
Gate A21 Allegiant B752 KSFB @Gliding_Central
Gate A22 Allegiant B752 KPGD @Krunchy_Toast
Terminal B (American, Delta, and WOW)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate B1 Delta B738 KSEA @Delta_Airlines_One (DLVA7474)
Gate B2 Delta B717 KFLL @Capriciouswisewater (DLVA9375)
Gate B3 Delta CRJ KBNA @kyle.r24 (DLVA653)
Gate B4 Delta CRJ KMSP @BluePanda900 (DLVA900)
Gate B5 Delta B763 LFPG @Transport_Hub (DLVA0295)
Gate B6 Delta CRJ KLGA @Anthony Philémon (DLVA981)
Gate B7 Delta B738 KTPA @IanD (DLVA1583)
Gate B8 Delta B738 KLAX @UpgradeMe (DLVA87)
Gate B9 Delta B738 KLAS @Bobaleb97 (DLVA1210)
Gate B10 Delta CRJ KDFW Zhazen (DLVA2882)
Gate B11 Delta CRJ KDTW @Brandon_K (DLVA1419)
Gate B12 Delta CRJ KORD csaustb20gt (DLVA27)
Gate B13 Delta CRJ KPHL scottchristiansen (DLVA1029)
Gate B14 Delta CRJ KBWI @con (DLVA510)
Gate B15 Delta CRJ KSTL @Trevor_A
Gate B16 Delta B717 KRSW @kevinlu1999 (DLVA587)
Gate B17 Delta B717 KSLC @kznawsm (DLVA328)
Gate B18 American CRJ KORD @Clouds
Gate B19 Delta B717 KBOS @LennyD (DLVA1804)
Gate B20 American CRJ KMIA @IF_Aviation1
Gate B21 Delta B739 KSFO @Hockeyman_02 (DLVA114)
Gate B22 American CRJ KDFW @SouthernDude
Gate B23 Delta B717 KDEN @GolferRyan
Gate B24 Delta B738 KATL @Leonard_Paulson (DLVA702)
Gate B25 Delta CRJ KIAH @KingWings
Gate B26 Delta CRJ KAUS @IFP-Aviation
Gate B27 Delta B739 KATL @CooCo2_CooCo2 (DLVA717)
Gate B28 WOW A320 BIKF @sapper
Remote Gates (American and Frontier)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Remote Gate 20 American CRJ KLGA @VAnuj (AAVA226)
Remote Gate 21 American CRJ KJFK @Cjthew91
Remote Gate 22 American CRJ KDCA @Infinite_Flight_Dude
Remote Gate 23 American CRJ KCLT @sam680
Remote Gate 24 Frontier A321 KMCO @Maxxus1
Remote Gate 25 Frontier A320 KLAS @Naterrizer
Remote Gate 26 Frontier A320 KLGA @Brad_Jones
Remote Gate 27 Frontier A320 KSJC @siryolo28


Air Canada Virtual

Allegiant Virtual

American Virtual

Delta Virtual

United Virtual

Thanks to all of these VAs for their support and helping me develop this thread. All logos are trademarks of their respective owners.


So excited for this 😍


So pumped for this, CVG is such a great airport.


Looks great! I’ll take Gate A12 please. Callsign UVA-001. Thanks! :)


Gate A3 please :) UVA-035


Looks like I’ll be the only “big-boss” headed out for a Long-Haul to Paris. 🎉


Awesome! I’ll take Gate A10 please. Callsign UVA-069 Thanks! :)


Ill be there CRJ700 to Washington D.C (DCA) Gate: whatever pls.

Do you have a preference of airline?

I’ll take Gate A18 to CYOW A319
I’m ACVA243

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I’ll take Remote Gate 23 to Charlotte, call sign AAVA523

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Gate A14 callsign ACVA258 please!

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Happy to have DLVA in this great event! Hopefully im going to be able to make it in a DPJ flight

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May I get Gate B15 Callsign Delta 761

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Nice! A13 please, UVA-085.


Can I get gate B25 @Cbro4? (NWVA001)

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Gate A15 A319 AC to Toronto, CA (CYYZ) Please 🤗

Callsign - ACVA204

There is no flight to YSSY or a gate 16.

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Before we go on, I want to remind everyone that this is on the expert server. Let me know if you aren’t Grade 3 and need to give your gate up.


I’ll take American ERJ gate B20

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