[ARRIVIED/AT GATE] Connecting Germany to Canada! @EDDF - 260830ZMAR20

@cptlogue would you like to join?

Unfortunately, I’m heading to Vancouver out of London.

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Hey, could you please correct the title?

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Oh ok I remember your post now

Isn’t it correct

It’s not. I’m going to let you try correct it yourself. Please review this as it is your 3rd group flight and each one has had an incorrect title.

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I think I corrected it

You did, good job.

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Thank you, lol

In about 3 hours!

New Signup!

I would like to join if thats fine

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Yeah! I’ll reply with your gate shortly

New signup!

ill be there

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@Cpt_Zorndy are you coming then?

@Cpt_Zorndy if you want to come just reply or mention me here

Are you coming @Cpt_Zorndy? I’ll give you a gate if yes

@Captian_Christian your gate is Terminal 1 Gate A66

Perfect, do you know which SID and STAR it is so i can pull the charts up