(Arrived) World's Shortest A380 Flight @ OKBK - 251800ZFEB18

Server: TS1
Origin: Kuwait Intl. Airport (OKBK)
Destination: Dubai Intl. Airport (OMDB)
Time: 1800Z
Flight Time: 1HR approx.
Aircraft: A380-800 (Emirates)

Cruising Altitude: Fl250
Flight Plan:
Speed:* 0.80 M (After Fl100)
NOTAM: You are required to maintain a minimum separation distance b/w each aircraft of 2NM . Spawn in 10 minutes before event begins .
ATC OKBK: @TheBoeing787
Departure Tower OKBK: @SlimeFlyer
ATC OMDB: @JJSpringer05
Arrival Tower OMDB: @Brent_Adams
Gates Available:
TG03: @Nidhish_Kataria
TG04: @bookers4eva
TG05: @anon57683537
TG22: @hussein_ali
TG25: @Helmi_Anugrah
TG26: @Shmashee
TG31: @callum5124
TG32: @Pilotcorn09
TG33: @Noam_Bechhofer
TG34: @Georges180305
TG35: @William_Croft
TG36: @Kamryn
TG37: @CaptAC
TG38: @AgusAeromexico
TG39: @PilotA
See you at the event!
Gates Filled out .
Only Request For Pushback once @ratul_sen has requested for pushback. I will escort you Guys in An F-22.Follow me.


May i ask is this a real life route? If so if this the correct livery and aircraft?

EDIT: Also please use a dropdown menu for your gates and possibly for your FPL


Yes this is a real life route and this the real aircraft used for the route.

Wow ok! Let me check my schedule and i will get back to you on my ATC availability!

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I’ll try to show up :)

You know you could just do KLAX-KNUC lol


You want a gate ? @bookers4eva

Give me a gate pls thanks

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Yes please! Any livery or Emerates only?

TG03 is yours @Nidhish_Kataria

Emirates, since they operate the Flight.

Ok then. Cya in Kuwait!

Ok… TG 04 is yours @bookers4eva

Wait… I live in Kuwait… and yes it was the shortest route till they opened to Doha…😉

that is till the Qatar ban

They don’t serve Qatar anymore due to its blockade by gulf countries…so it officially remains the shortest operating A380 route

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I can be both ATCs, I should be able to make it, but if not, I’ll let you know at least the day before

Which Atc tower you want ? @TheBoeing787

I’ll take OKBK please 😉

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I can definitely join

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Great TG05 is yours @anon57683537

Can u sign me up thank u

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