{ARRIVED} Turkey Welcomes EL AL AIRLINES! @ LLBG - 07900ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Tel Aviv, Israel

Airport: LLBG

Time: 9:00 PM ZULU

4:00 PM eastern time zone.

NOTAM: Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is welcoming the new arrival of the EL AL Boeing 737-800 airplane in it’s fine city of Istanbul, Turkey. Please spawn 10 minutes before the event to take some nice grand opening pictures and to map your route. Please follow the exact rules. To be a pilot for EL AL Airlines please apply at https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal


Departing: Runway 03

Cruising Altitude: 12,000 ft

Cruising Speed: 240kts below 12,000 ft. 340kts at 12,000 ft

Aircraft: EL AL 737-800

Route: LLBG IMREN R2284 R2286 LTBA

Arriving: Runway 05

Flight Time: LLBG - LTBA (1 Hour 35 Minutes)


Ramp J09: @Davidberman
Ramp J10: @Harun_Koyuncu
Ramp J11: @Lpurcell27
Ramp J12: @Helmi_Anugrah
Ramp J13: @ratul_sen
Ramp J07:
Ramp J06:

*TIME CHANGE: Dear EL AL Family,

I sincerely apologize due to server connectivity issues, the flight to Istanbul will be postponed to 900Z PM!


12,000Ft for an hour long flight? Isn’t that kind of short?

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Yes, we’re trying to make it a short flight. If we fly below 10,000 ft we cannot go faster than 250kts so I chose 12,000 ft.

Why not go to 30,000Ft? I mean when I go flying for that short IRL we cruise at 30,000, but then again it’s your event so it’s up to you…

Well its a very short flight so I just wanted to choose 12,000ft. But i’ll consider it next time. Thanks!

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Hey mate can I have a Gate please ?

I want to join? Ramp J12

Sure! You’re all set! You’ve got Gate: J10 See you there!

J12 is yours. See you there!

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Yo can I get ramp J11?

J11 is yours. See you there!

I cruise every time on 11.000ft…
It dosen‘t burns to many fuel so I can fly more and I don‘t have to descend to long.

count me in too ant gate

J13 is yours. See you there!

Ahhaha at least you’re on my side! Let me know if you want to join this event! We’d be more than happy to have you join us!

11,000ft isn’t a cruise… Anyway…

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The cruising hights are from 9.000ft-40.000ft like if you fly an regional flight with Dash 800 then you could fly 10.000ft maximum Boeing 717 too. 737 11.000ft or 12.000ft (I only flyed with 737 so…) if you fly with an 777-200 or 300 then you can fly very high. It depends on the size of the plane. David did anything correct. ;)

Exactly! It’s a very short flight. What’s the point of acsending all the way to 30-35,000 ft this is not a long haul. I think it’s a good height and speed we’re flying for this route.

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The filed cruising altitude for this exact route in real life was FL350 on a recent flight.

I’ll take a gate please