[ARRIVED] SWA5561 Flight to Oakland @ KSAN - 190100ZFEB18

Earlier today I was looking at flights at FR24 (FlightRader 24) and I can up with a cool idea. What if I made events that feature one specific flight that nobody ever flies (uses). So I decided to go ahead and make the trial event (the event you are currently reading about). More information is provided down below here👇🏻

Server: Training

Region: California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 0100Z

Aircraft: Southwest Airlines B737-700

Flight Information

  • Cruising Altitude will be 33,000

  • Cruising Speed will be Mach 0.76

  • Flight Time is about an Hour

  • Our Callsign will be Southwest 5561

  • We will try to stay together in a group, if you become separated just knock your speed up a Knotch or two.

About SWA5561 (Southwest Airlines 5561)

SWA5561 is a regularly flown route between the beautiful cities of San Diego Int’l Airport and Oakland Metropolitan Int’l Airport. It is flown on a B737-700 using the Southwest Airlines livery (new and old). The flight is approximately 1 hour long. The flight is a pretty popular flight with southwest and is flown about 10x daily.

Flight Plan

Our Flight Plan will run close to the California - Nevada borderline. We then turn towards KOAK and start our approach. Overall this FPL gives you some great scenery!


Our Starting Gates will be between Gates 11 and 19. If more gates are needed, we will move into the surrounding gates around the original 9 gates.

Gate 11: @AllegiantAir
Gate 12: @hussein_ali
Gate 13: @anon57683537
Gate 14: @WardellStephenCurry
Gate 15: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 16: @BigBert10
Gate 17: @Shmashee
Gate 18: @
Gate 19: @

This Event is not Affiliated with any VA’s, including Southwest Virtual!

Gate 12 wat planes can we use

You should use this aircraft :)

I get it boeing 737thank u

I’m going to join, seems like a great event!

I’ll be happy to join since my fav Team is the Golden State Warriors and there in Oakland

@WardellStephenCurry @anon57683537 @hussein_ali you all have been added

PS: I kinda like the warriors also

Haha you a bandwagon?

Nah, I have watched them since 2009 ;)

I was 5 then btw

What does TMC stand for?

What are you asking?

There was a famous trio and there inicials were TMC what is the players names?

I would like a gate please.

Roger, adding you now!

Many gates still available! And the event is about 5 to 6 hours away!

Wat time will the event be in calgary time

It would be at 6:00 PM in Calgary

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6pm Calgary time is the event.

This is a great idea since KOAK is pretty underserved. Sadly, I may not be able to come :(

I can put you down, and you can always drop out