[Arrived Safely] Today, Thai Travels to; Toronto @ VTBS - 241900ZMAR18

Thai Virtual Airways Presents


Server: Training

Region: Asia and North America

Starting Airport: VTBS

Finishing Airport: CYYZ

Time: 1900Z


  • Copy flight plan from "TVA 8”

  • Stay spawned at CYYZ for group photos

  • Always listen to ATC instructions - if available


Date: Saturday 24th March 2018

Approximate flight time: 15hrs30mins

Aircraft: Boeing 772 and Airbus A388 (Both Thai Livery)

Cruise Speed: .85mach

Cruise Altitude: Step climb (FL300 --> FL340 --> FL380)

Final event details will be established in a group PM on Saturday

About the Event

This one is for the ultra long haul lovers…
Thai Virtual is holding its second "Today Thai Travels to…’’ event, and this week it is taking us to Toronto. Join us for a flight across the Pacific over to North America.

A little about Toronto
Toronto is the capital of the providence, Ontario and the largest city in Canada by population. According to the 2016 census the population was around 2,700,000. You would recognise Toronto by the CN Tower, which is a 553 metre high concrete communications and observation tower located in downtown Toronto. Toronto Pearson international is the airport of Toronto and comprises of 5 runways. It is the busiest airport in Canada by passenger count.

Gate Assignments

Gate A01 @Starley TVA 8 B772
Gate A02 @Lefterix NVOW12Q B772
Gate A03 @GraemePorter25 TVA 17 B772
Gate A04 @Nathan_Burton TVA 6 A388
Gate A05 @Rob_Shore TVA 7
Gate A06 @The_Aviator2 TVA 11 B772
Gate B01 @Sam_Tom TVA 5
Gate B02 @TheWalkingFruit TVA 12 B772
Gate B03 @Scarpy Thai 45 B772
Gate B04 @DerSchwabe TVA 14 B772
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate D01
Gate D02
Gate D03
Gate D04
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08

Request a gate below and when doing so please tell me what callsign and aircraft you will be using!

TVA Callsigns are for current Thai Virtual Members only.

Air Traffic Control Services

Tower: @SlimeFlyer
Ground: @SlimeFlyer


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TVA8, sign me up Captain Boss Man!

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I’ll be Tower+ground ATC at VTBS.Thanks!

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I would like a gate NVOW12Q

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TVA17,sign me up please, 777 :) see ya there

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TVA06 may make his 1st flight as Apt. Cpt. in the A388. Sign me up, sir! If possible, put me next to TVA07, if he’s able to make it.

Gate A01 is yours sir :)


Nice to see you flying with us again. Gate A02 is for you!

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A03 is yours :))

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Of course. Your gate is A04 :)

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What aircraft will you be flying? :))

I will go with the 777.

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@dush19 hey look an ULH

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Believe my gate been reserved A05 By Nathan

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Indeed it has, A05 is yours. I assume youll be flying the A388


About her great event I’ll join TVA11 I know that the aircraft are only the 772 and the a380 but could I fly the a340 if not I’ll take the 772

Due to the difference in cruise speeds @Starley informed me it would be best to leave the A346 out of this one :)


Ok then the b772 will be fine


Love you’re profile picture by the way :)

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Thank you :D Im glad you like it

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