[Arrived Safely] Today, Thai Travels to; Tokyo @ VTBS - 211330ZAPR18

Thai Virtual Airways Presents


Server: Training

Region: Asia

Starting Airport: VTBS

Finishing Airport: RJAA

Time: 1330Z


  • Copy flight plan from someone with a "TVA” callsign

  • Stay spawned at RJAA for group photos

  • Always listen to ATC instructions - if available


Date: Saturday 21st April 2018

Approximate flight time: 6hrs

Aircraft: Any with a Thai Airways Livery (B772, A346, A388, B744, B788)

Cruise Speed: .84mach

Cruise Altitude: FL350

About the Event

Welcome to edition 4 of Thai Virtual’s event series “Today, Thai Travels to.” So far we have been to; Dubai, Toronto and HongKong. Why not join us this week for a nice flight up to Tokyo?

Gate Assignments

Gate A01 - @Sam_Tom MD11 TVA5
Gate A02 - @TheWalkingFruit B788 TVA10
Gate A03 - @jacknuttall151 TVA21
Gate A04 - @Justin0623 MD11 TVA23
Gate A05 - @The_Aviator2 B772 TVA11
Gate A06 - @anon57683537 B788 Thai44
Gate B01 - @GraemePorter25 B788 TVA17
Gate B02
Gate B03
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate D01
Gate D02
Gate D03
Gate D04
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08

Request a gate below and when doing so please tell me what aircraft and callsign you will be using!

TVA Callsigns are for current Thai Virtual Members only.

Air Traffic Control Services



Join Us


Gate bo1 plz call sign is TVA20 and I’ll be flying the md-11

TVA05 I’ll take the triple engine toy!

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I’ll take a gate, TVA10 788 :)

B01 is yours. See you there.

Take gate A01 Sam.

A02 is for you, see you there.

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Gate A03 is yours.

What aircraft will you be using?

TVA 23 :) gonna use a MD11

hi I will be joining TVA11 b772 please thanks

Since my phone messed up and I could not complete the event I was in before, I will join this one.

I’m sorry Ethan but I won’t be able to participate in this because I’ve got another event on and I didn’t realise it was at the same time but I’ll try participate in the next event

Okay, that’s no problem.

Gate A04 is yours.

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Take gate A05, see you there.

Great, i need an aircraft and a callsign from you.

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I’ll take the 788 with Thai44

Can I have a gate please

Of course. Take gate B01.

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