[Arrived Safely] Today, Thai Travels to; Hong Kong @ VTBS - 311800ZMAR18

Thai Virtual Airways Presents


Server: Training

Region: Asia

Starting Airport: VTBS

Finishing Airport: VHHH

Time: 1800Z


  • Copy flight plan from "TVA 12”

  • Stay spawned at VHHH for group photos

  • Always listen to ATC instructions - if available


Date: Saturday 31st March 2018

Approximate flight time: 2hrs30mins

Aircraft: Boeing 744 and Airbus A346 (Both Thai Livery)

Cruise Speed: .83mach

Cruise Altitude: FL350

Final event details will be established in a group PM on Saturday

About the Event

Thai Virtual is holding its third "Today Thai Travels to…’’ event, and this week it is taking us to Hong Kong. We will begin at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and fly over to Hong Kong International.

Gate Assignments

Gate A01 @Starley TVA 8 A346
Gate A02 @Lefterix NVOW12Q A346
Gate A03 @The_Aviator2 TVA 11 A346
Gate A04 @Sam_Tom TVA 5 A346
Gate A05 @Teddybrooo TVA 14 A346
Gate A06 @Perry_Wong TBD B744
Gate B01 @TheWalkingFruit TVA12 A346
Gate B02 @Pritish_Dewan TH1768 A346
Gate B03 @Justin_Polanco TVA23 B744
Gate B04 @AJH_1994 TVA9 B744
Gate B05 @Miguel_Ortiz TFC 8 A346
Gate B06 @Rob_Shore TVA7 B744
Gate D01
Gate D02
Gate D03
Gate D04
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08

Request a gate below and when doing so please tell me what callsign and aircraft you will be using!

TVA Callsigns are for current Thai Virtual Members only.

Air Traffic Control Services



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Main Thread


TVA8, sign me up Captain Boss Man! Airbus A346!

Sign me up Ethan,hope will make it.A346

Sign me up TVA11 A346 sry I was not able to make it to the las flight

I would like to be ATC at VHHH.

I will take the Airbus.


give me a gate please :=)
TVA14 with A340

Gate A01 is yours.

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Take gate A02 :))

That’s okay. Gate A03

A04 is for you :)

Gate A05 is for you

i would like to use 744 to join

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TVA17 - 747 please :))

TVA12 B744 thanks :)

The event is comming closer, and still many Gates open guys :D

Gate A06 is yours. What callsign will you be using?

Gate B01 is for you

Take gate B02, see you there

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You can sign me up TVA23 B744