[Arrived Safely] Today, Thai Travels to; Dubai @ VTBS - 171430ZMAR18

Thai Virtual Airways Presents


Server: Training

Region: Asia and the Middle East

Starting Airport: VTBS

Finishing Airport: OMDB

Time: 1430Z


  • Copy flight plan from "TVA 1, TVA 5 or TVA 8”

  • Stay spawned at OMDB for group photos

  • Always listen to ATC instructions - if available


Date: Saturday 17th March 2018

Approximate flight time: 6hrs

Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Thai Livery

Cruise Speed: .82mach

Cruise Altitude: FL360

About the Event

Thai Virtual Airways is debuting their new event series, “Today, Thai Travels to…” and this week we are flying from Bangkok to Dubai. Come with us and enjoy this beautiful flight across the Asian border to Africa in our retro MD-11.

Gate Assignments

Gate A01 @DerSchwabe TVA 14
Gate A02 @Gaby_Burnei
Gate A03 @TheWalkingFruit TVA 12
Gate A04 @TheGasDrivers Thai 119
Gate A05 @Lefterix Thai 106
Gate A06 @The_Aviator2 TVA 11
Gate B01 @GraemePorter25 TVA 17
Gate B02 @Ankytrix Thai 117
Gate B03 @AJH_1994 TVA 9
Gate B04 @Ethan11 TVA 1
Gate B05 @Rob_Shore TVA 7
Gate B06 @Nathan_Burton TVA 6
Gate D01 @Starley TVA 8
Gate D02 @Vandalu Thai 314
Gate D03
Gate D04
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08

Request a gate below and when doing so please tell me what callsign you will be using!

TVA Callsigns are for current Thai Virtual Members only.

Air Traffic Control Services

Tower @SlimeFlyer
Ground @SlimeFlyer


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I would like a gate, Callsign: TVA24

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Gate A01 is yours :)


Thank you, Looking forward :D


Looking good Ethan, if I could attend I would, but I have some exams this week and I need to study so. But looking good though


Greatly appreciated Connor :)


I’m in! TVA05 For the callsign!


Great, gate A03 is yours!!

I would love to join however departure time is smack bang in the middle of my shift at work! Sorry :(

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Maybe you can join is while we flying :D ? If not have a nice shift mate :)!

yes I may be able to actually :))

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Yeah would be happy to see you in the Sky :D

I’ll try my best. I hate missing events with such a wonderful VA.

We will see, best of luck mate :D

I’ll be in !! Call sign TV15

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Roger that, Gate A04 is yours. TVA Callsigns are reserved for Thai VA members. You could have Thai 15 instead :)

I would like a gate.

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Nice to see how fast this filles up again. Some love for all :D <3

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Is it possible to fly the Thai A380 ??

okay, gate A05 is yours, what callsign will you be using?