[Arrived Safely] Thai Virtual Airways Recruitment/Remembrance Event @ VTBD - 171900ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Thailand and Nepal

Aircraft: Any with Thai Livery

Airport: VTBD

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Spawn in a few minutes early to copy flight plan.

Thai Virtual Airways is diving in to the history books all the way back to July 31st 1992. On this date Thai Airways flight 311 crashed into a rock face in the area of Langtang National Park. The flight was on its way to Kathmandu, Nepal from Bangkok Don Muang Airport. The cause of the crash was due partly to language problems and partly to the inexperience of the air traffic controller, who was a trainee with only nine months on the job. The captain asked four times for permission to turn left, but after receiving no firm reply to his requests he announced that he was turning right and climbed the aircraft to flight level 200. The controller handling Flight 311 assumed from the flight’s transmissions that the aircraft had called off the approach and was turning to the south, and he therefore cleared the aircraft to 11,500 feet (3,505 m), an altitude that would have been safe in the area south of the airport. The flight descended back to 11,500 feet, went through a 360-degree turn, passed over the airport northbound, and crashed at an altitude of 11,500 feet. The crash killed everyone onboard the Airbus A310 including 99 passengers and 14 crew members. Flight 311 was retired after the accident, including its outbound flight 312 to Bangkok. They were both reassigned to flights 319 and 320, respectively and were still operated by Airbus A310. They now use the Boeing 777 aircraft after the Airbus A310 fleet were phased out from the airline in 2001.

As a mark of respect we shall fly this exact route. Taking off from VTBD and landing at VNKT.

Important Details

Cruising Altitude: FL360
Cruise Speed: 0.85 Mach
Flight time: 2-3hrs

Thai Virtual Pilots use “TVA” callsign. If you are a guest please use a “Thai” callsign. Not TVA.


Gate 61 - @KyleLemon8
Gate 62 - @PilotE.E
Gate 63 - @SlimeFlyer
Gate 64 - @Rob_Shore
Gate 65 - @Sam_Tom
Gate 66 - @NationofAviation
Gate 67 - @Pavan_Singh
Gate 68 - @Theaviator

Gate 51 - @
Gate 52 -
Gate 53 -
Gate 54 -
Gate 55 -
Gate 56 -

More gates can be added if needed.

Reply below for a gate or alternatively PM me.

The Airbus A310 that operated the flight - Reg HS-TID

If you are interested in joining us, check out our thread and webite:
Application Form

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Great Event for 2 great causes


Couldn’t agree more @KyleLemon8

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9 gates remaining. Don’t miss out :)

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6 days until our event. Sign up now!

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Only 6 gates remaining. Do not miss out on this event!

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Less than 1 day until our event starts. Remember you can use ANY aircraft with a Thai Livery. Come and explore parts of the world you have never been to before! What are you waiting for?

Such a great turnout for the event. Thank you everyone for attending!


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