[Arrived Safely] Thai Virtual Airways Landing Competition @ LIRF - 102200ZMAR18

Thai Virtual Airways Presents


Server: Training

Region: The World

Starting Airport: VTBS

Finishing Airport: LIRF

Time: 2200Z


  • Copy flight plan from “TVA 01"

  • Stay spawned at LIRF for group photos

  • Always listen to ATC instructions


Date: Saturday 10th March 2018

Approximate flight time: 11hrs

Aircraft: B744 Thai Livery B772 Thai Livery, A346 Thai Livery, B788 Thai Livery or A388 Thai Livery

Cruise Speed: .82mach

Cruise Altitude: FL380 (Step climb if needed - FL300 -> FL340 -> FL380)

About the Event

Thai Airways are yet again hosting another event and we want you guys to join us! We will be flying from Bangkok, our main hub to Rome, Italy. Why not join us on our trip, exploring sun kissed Rome, featuring the cultural aspects of the city contrasting with the modern tourist attractions Rome boasts. You have the chance to fly passengers to Rome, in any of the listed Thai aircraft above. With your help we can turn the teal blue skies into royal purple ones. As we approach Rome, we are blessed with the beautiful views the city has to offer, as we descend along the gorgeous coastline. So, if all the above sounds great to you take a look at the details above and apply for a gate. We hope to see you there!

Upon Approach

Your approach and landing will be judged by some members of our team. They will judge you based on;

  • Centreline
  • Technique; use of flaps and lates
  • Deployment of landing gear; was it too late or too early
  • The actual landing; did you butter or slam it too the ground

A possible 40 points are up for grabs (10 points for each factor). The winner will be announced on this thread.

@PilotE.E (Deputy President)
@Sam_Tom (Chief Pilot)
@SlimeFlyer (Flight Supervisor)


1st Place - 4hrs extra flight time (as well as the hours from the VTBS - LIRF flight)
2nd Place - 2hrs extra flight time (as well as the hours from the VTBS - LIRF flight)
3rd Place - 1hr extra flight time (as well as the hours from the VTBS - LIRF flight)

If you are one of the prize winners and you join us after the event, you will receive those hours upon joining!

Gate Assignments

Gate A01 @PilotE.E B788 [Event Leader] TVA 2
Gate A02 @Sam_Tom A388 TVA 5
Gate A03 @Rob_Shore B788 TVA 7
Gate A04 @anon57683537 B788 Thai 101
Gate A05 @Ethan11 B772 TVA 1
Gate A06 @Starley B788 TVA 8
Gate B01 @TheWalkingFruit B788 TVA 12
Gate B02 @The_Aviator2 B772 TVA 11
Gate B03 @NationofAviation A346 TVA 4
Gate B04 @DerSchwabe A388 BER4EVR
Gate B05 @Naterrizer B788 Thai 885
Gate B06 @Krit B788 Thai 0941
Gate D01 @AJH_1994 B788 RED2
Gate D02 @GraemePorter25 B788 TVA17
Gate D03 @WUMBABA A388 Thai 107
Gate D04 @Lefterix B788 Thai 106
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08

Request a gate below and when doing so please tell me what aircraft you will be flying and I will allocate you a callsign.

Useful Links

Main Thread


Yeah I should probs take a gate! A388 for me!

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I will have a gate and be flying the 787

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Gate A03 for you!

Gate A02 is yours :)

I’ll take a gate please. B788

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Gate A01 is yours

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I will join as I have no other events… the event seems fun! I’ve been to VTBS and it is an awesome airport. So is Thai (am I writing too much?) Sign me up!

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I agree with you on that…i mean why wouldn’t I hehe?!
See you there! Take gate A04, what aircraft will you be flying?

Please use callsign - Thai 101

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I will fly the 787 for the event

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Great! See you there!

Don’t forget to reserve your gate!

TVA8, B787 please! :)

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Your gate is A06

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TVA12, 788 please! :D

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Gate B01 is yours :)

TVA11 B772 please :D

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Your gate is B02

Can I have a gate please? It’s Jordan Gomez.

I would like to join with an A380.
Greetings from Germany :)!
Callsign BER4EVR
(Will change my Callsign for the Flight )